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So, of course, as soon as the movie was over, my friend and I were speculating about the sequel.

Who do we think will be on the Avengers in the second movie? A lot of it has to do with who the villian(s) is/are, but we can take some guesses, can't we?

1) Iron Man - A shoe in unless RDJ starts re-negotiating, or just gets tired of playing Stark.

2) Thor - PROBABLY a shoe in (with above caveats).

3) Pym & Wasp - I'd say our strongest contenders for Avengers 2 or Avengers 3. They bring Ultron with them. Which ID for Pym? I'd bet we get at least an Ant-Man cameo, even if in flashback format.

4) Hulk - It's hard for me to imagine them selling an Avengers movie without any of the (movieverse) "Big 4".

5) Captain America - shoe-in.

6) Hawkeye - I'm seeing Bre'r Hawkeye taking a leave of absence to make room for some new faces. He's pretty well expended his bag of tricks, he doesn't offer much in the way of personality, he's gone.

7) Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch - They belong to the X-movies, don't they?

8) Swordsman - possible, but unlikely. I can't see it being pulled off in the movies the same way exploding arrows were.

9) Hercules - I really don't think they'll layer Greek mythology over Norse in the movieverse.

10) Black Panther - maybe. They could bring in Klaw and/or Man-Ape. Keep it grounded on planet Earth and get away from aliens for a bit, but could keep Thanos in the background with something Vibranium related...

11) Vision - Almost inevitable for second or third movie. Bringing in Pym brings in Ultron brings in Vision, brings in the personal component to the conflict, which the Avengers are lacking with almost every other villian.

12) Black Knight - magic sword? Owner is suddenly (or happens to be) Olympic-class athlete/scientist/swordsman? Possible because his origins are straightforward enough to be brought into an ensemble movie like this, but not likely, in my opinion.

13) Black Widow - maybe still around, to keep some Estrogen on the team, but I can see her bailing with Hawkeye.

14) Mantis - kind of possible with Thanos lurking. They could do a Priests of Pama thing, which was why Thanos was interested in Earth to begin with...

15) Beast - X-movies.

16) Moondragon - see Mantis, although we'll probably bypass the whole Madame MacEvil phase...

17) Hellcat - I could see the name being used, but the yellow costume isn't happening. Maybe she stumbles upon the magic cat suit by accident or something. Not a strong possibility.

18) Two-Gun Kid - I suppose of Kang came around (unlikely after Loki stole his basic modus operandi), Two Gun could get involved somehow, but otherwise not happening.

19) Wonder Man - I would think he'd be a strong possibility of they did a "Masters of Evil" storyline in movie #2 or #3, but I think EVERY casual fan would be asking "Isn't it supposed to be Wonder WOMAN?", and I think that's enough to scare off the movie execs.

20) Ms. Marvel - another poster wondered if her costume had been "movie-ized", and I have to admit it certainly looks like it. Possible, I suppose, but I would think they'd go with the original Captain Marvel instead.

21) Falcon - not impossible. Wondering what he'd bring to the table that Iron Man doesn't...

22) Tigra - kind of doubt that "Cat People" or "cat demons" would be a major focus of a sequel, so...probably not. They'd also have to figure out how to put her in a costume...

23) She-Hulk - not as crazy as it sounds. They need more estrogen.

24) Photon/Pulsar/Captain Marvel2 - simple, straight forward origin, unique powers, brings some diversity to the team. If I were in on the meetings, I'd be bringing her name up all over the place.

25) Starfox - related to Thanos, but no. Not without a major overhaul, and probable jettisoning of the Eternals anyway...

26) Namor - strong possibility, especially in his black suit. New power-set, new, uncomplicated origins. New environment for the Avengers to explore...

27) Dr. Druid - This could actually work. Sent in as a trojan horse, or truly just an egomaniac who tries to take over the team. They tried to play up some manipulation/influence with Loki a bit with the first movie, but it came off subtle enough that I think they could try again...

28) Mockingbird - not happening. She'd be "the Black Widow that uses the sticks"

29) Rhodey - probably no. Dilutes the Iron Man idea.

30) Thing - F4 contracts. so, no.

31) Moon Knight - nope. He barely works on the team in the comics...

32) Firebird - another one that could work a bit if you think about it. Straightforward origin. (kind of. If she sticks with the "God did it" thing, they could play some tension between she and Thor, the way Busiek did) minority status, powers unique to the team.

33) D-Man - probably not. I suppose maybe a Power Broker thing could work, but probably not.

34) Gilgamesh - Bring in the Eternals? no way.

35) Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman - F4 movies.

36) USAgent - again, possible if they went with a Power Broker set up, but he's an almost definite no, unless it's as a pawn of the Big Bad. Maybe he could fill the Wonder Man role...

37) Quasar - "How come they've got a Yellow Lantern on the team?" Nope.

38) Original Torch - nope. He had a cameo in Captain America, but that's as far as it's going, I'm afraid.

39) Sersi - Too overpowered. They'd have to de-power her and take away her Eternals origin. Probably no.

40) Stingray - not a bad choice if they went with a Namor/Atlantis story, but he's too limited otherwise.

41) Spider-Man. Maybe if Marvel ever got their hands on his movie rights again...

42) Sandman - not EVEN if they got their hands on his movie rights...

43) Rage - I wish he was better known, because he'd work in an ensemble movie. Simple origin, minority status. A hook as secretly being a kid (or we could mash him up with Cage...).

44) Machine Man - Nope. They'll do Vision at some point.

45) Spider-Woman (either one) - Could they, even if they wanted to? I'd imagine those rights travel with Spider-Man's.

46) Crystal - MAAAAYBE, with an Inhumans war with Thanos or something. Probably not.

47) Thunderstrike - nope. Original or nothing.

48) - Darkhawk - He'd work for many of the reasons Rage would, but no...

49) Justice & Firestar - do the X-movies own ALL mutants? probably.

50) Triathlon - Triune Understanding plot? Doesn't make sense for a second movie. MAYBE a third, once the Avengers are establishment.

51) Silverclaw - could work. Gotta loose the pigtails.

52) Jack of Hearts - nope. No way that costume plays on film, and the dude is just an excuse for that costume to exist.

53) Ant-Man (Lang) - remote possibility. Without Pym there's no Ultron, and surely we'll get Ultron at some point...? So Pym would have to be there first, and be there as Giant Man or Goliath. Seems like more trouble than it's worth to bring in Lang.

54) Captain Britian (Kelsey) - I can't even imagine...

55) Cage - he could work, but I'm sure they're saving him for his own film or a team up with Iron Fist.

56) Wolverine - X-movies.

57) Sentry - "How come Superman is blonde and crazy?"

58) Echo - I don't even really know who she is...

59) Ares - see Hercules. Layering Greek gods over Norse? Too much for movie-fans.

60) Cho - not without Herc.

61) Stature & Vision2 - too much backstory.

62) Jocasta - probably not. If (when) we get Pym/Ultron/Vision, we're going to see a morose, alone Vision. Not one with a femal analogue...

From here we go into Secret Avengers & Shattered Heroes (Whatever that is), and stuff I don't read, so I'll stop. But if anyone feels passionately about Prince of Orphans joining the Movie-verse Avengers, chime on in!

if they bring in Luke Cage, they can loop in Danny Rand (Iron Fist) as a martial artist with respected Super Powers.

Expanding the Avengers cast to include another 3-5 characters would mean they need some on-screen time to introduce them properly to movie-viewers who aren't comic book readers. Therefore setting up those introductions require a minimum of plausible on-screen time so that the movie can develop properly.

Ms. Marvel can be shown being recruited via Shield operatives.

She-Hulk can be recruited via a genuine need for her lawyer alter ego due to the Avengers being sued by city hall for all the rampant destruction they cause everywhere they go. One of the villains can be seen using their alter-ego filing a law-suit in court or approaching Congress with a huge destruction of property assessment and demanding accountability. That's where Nick Fury brings her in & works his recruitment mojo on her at the same time. They could totally play up her sexual appetite angle if they must, remember, she's had sexual hook-ups with many over the years such as Hercules, Starfox, Iron Man, Juggernaut, etc... It's one of the reasons WHY she's the Sensational She-Hulk.

Black Panther can be worked in via an appearance on the next Capt. America movie if it comes out before the next Avengers movie.

Luke Cage & Iron Fist would be a great duo to recruit simultaneously to the team, and it fills both the diversity issue as well as the martial artist with super-powers need. EVERYBODY likes seeing a martial artist do their thing, and once they see Rand can use super-powers then it will fit in well with a movie full of super-powered heros/villains.

Namor is another choice as he's a mainstay throughout the years. If you had someone like "The Rock" in the role you'd cover your ethnicity bases, you'd have a strong-man who's capable of matching Hulk/Thor briefly in a fight, he has flight, strength, and any fire-hydrant in the city can be kicked over to "refresh" him during battle if he's shown to become tired. I think this is a really good option as it covers several needs if the right actor is cast for the role.

I also like the idea of an "infiltrator" for the bad-guys amongst the Avengers that the team has to spend some time trying to smoke out.