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    So, of course, as soon as the movie was over, my friend and I were speculating about the sequel.

    Who do we think will be on the Avengers in the second movie? A lot of it has to do with who the villian(s) is/are, but we can take some guesses, can't we?

Percentage are just made up and not meant to be exact.

Captain America and Iron Man are there for sure (100%). Slightly less of a chance that Thor returns (90%), but I would still predict that he does. Slightly smaller chance that the Hulk doesn't return (80%).

Hawkeye and Black Widow maybe gone (60%). I really expect them to do a SHIELD spinoff movie starring those two characters. The story is there, the movie would be cheaper to film, and it would do well. Throw in a couple of other Avengers characters (War Machine, Mockingbird) and you got a black ops team. Apparently Remner didn't get paid that much for his Avengers role, and he can justify demanding more money than Marvel will pay.

Fury (30%). Just don't see him coming back if the Avengers are going to operate without SHIELD. Leave him to a SHIELD movie.

New members:

Ant-Man and the Wasp make the most sense (75%). Assuming that an Ant-Man movie would be out by the time the second Avengers movie comes along, it would be strage that Marvel's next solo movie hero isn't in the Avengers, especially when those characters are so strongly connected to the team. Ant-Man/Giant-Man is a great visual and something that we've never really seen in modern cinema. The Wasp also gives you the ability to have another female cast member, and maybe even an hispanic or asian one as well.

Falcon (50%) gives them an ethnic character outside of Fury. Can easily be introduced as Captain America's sidekick/partner in that movie's sequel. I see him as being a SHIELD agent assigned to watching over Cap, hence the flying ability.

Ms. Marvel (30%) gives the film another female and a great visual. The problem with the character is that she may work better in a Captain Marvel film first, and there's no reason to beleive we are getting that movie anytime soon. The possiblity does exist for Marvel to give her an origin outside of Mar-vell, and she does work as another SHIELD agent. Similarly, I'd give Mar-vell a chance (30%) to appear as well.

Black Panther (30%). The character would work better first in a solo movie, then joining the Avengers. It's hard to see Marvel skipping his movie origin all together or even giving it 30 minutes in an Avengers movie.

Vision (20%). Doesn't really bring anything interesting to the table. Is basically male and has no race. With Vision you really need Pym and Ultron, and that's alot to bring into one movie.

See, I think the Pym/Vision/Ultron story is inevitable for Avengers 2 or 3. There just isn't another Avengers villain with the same personal connection to the team.

You want Avengers agnst? Pym's your man.