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    She wasn't out of commission that long. She was back up and running with the X-Men in no-time. His death is around Uncanny X-Men #154. She just had no emotions for him by that time.

I would think that if she were back on her feet and had her memories of him she would have insisted on going to Titan to say goodbye to him, emotions not withstanding. I think she may still have been comatose at the time of his death but I am not positive.

Yes Marv has gone toe to toe with Thanos but at the time he knew he couldn't match Thanos' sheer brute power but he used his awareness, speed and reflexes to keep pummeling the Titan until he flew a little too low and too slow and then Thanos got the drop on him. After Thanos merged with the universe via the cube, Rick dared him to fight Marv again and Thanos took on corporeal form and wiped the floor with Marv.

Also it was stated back in the Wendell Vaughn Quasar series that the nega bands were the result of an attempt to replicate the quantum bands, so I suspect that Marv knows the full capacity of the bands and his powers thanks to Cosmic Awareness and he can tap energy to boost his strength to greater then the Handbook entry of 15 tons.

Also I did like how this story did show that Marv did NOT WANT TO COME BACK. That is in keeping with Cosmic Powers Unlimited 1 when Thanos used the Reality Gem to bring Marv back for a brief time. Marv stated to Thanos that he was resolved to being dead due to Thanos' coming to him in his last moments and showing him the way as it were.

Marv states that the power of the Phoenix is within him and that the cancer cells are rendered INERT and that he won't die from them......

....okay this is where I take serious umbrage as it were. To me that is the cop out/escape valve of the story to send him back to the death. Withdraw the Phoenix energy from him and he will die, and quite likely he will die immediately. To me it is totally ILLOGICAL that a being that can kill planets and restore life cannot permanently fry cancer cells completely from Marv's body. This is just a cheap plot hole/macguffin to kill him again.

At least Marv is waking up from the mind control and realizing his errors in helping the Kree. Currently his mindset is of his old Kree military days due to the mind control, now the Marv that we all remember after he became the Protector is emerging.

However solicits I read for ish 28 strongly imply that death is coming.....so long again, Marv? Hope not. There is no excuse for killing him again. Let him retire happily to Titan and be with Elysius and start a family of his own. That would be the best way to get Genis back, perhaps?