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Subj: Re: What Have Been Some Prior Avengers/X-Men Team Ups (Non battles?)? As It Is Me Or Are The Sons Of Serpent Lame?
Posted: Mon May 28, 2012 at 11:21:55 am CDT (Viewed 314 times)
Reply Subj: What Have Been Some Prior Avengers/X-Men Team Ups (Non battles?)? As It Is Me Or Are The Sons Of Serpent Lame?
Posted: Mon May 28, 2012 at 05:46:11 am CDT (Viewed 404 times)

    And I mean lame with a capital L. I've been reading up on their chronology on the Marvnuapp.com (Or something similar.) site, and boy, these guys are really threatening huh? They're, wait for it- racists. With like bats and sticks and other weapons. Wow. I don't see them giving the Avengers that tough of a time unless it's a really weak membership with like Rage and the Black Widow and none of the "A-Listers.". I can see where the racial hatred and the racial overtones might overlap, but these guys would be good for taking on a police force, and not the Avengers. G.I Joe, maybe.

    Anyhow, there's an Avengers versus X-Men BATTLE going on right now, but what team-ups have these two had in the past? It seems like they are friendly with each other, but they only check in with each other on an as needed basis, or they all get together when the Marvel Universe is in danger and everybody has to work together to defeat the menace (Ie; Onslaught.). Oh by the by, I still don't buy Cap and Iron Man being friends after all of that Civil War stuff. Yes yes I know, status quo is God and all, but still, friendships end all the time.

    I know that they had a crossover called Bloodties. That was the aftermath of Fatal Attractions, after Professor X had put Magneto in a coma. Didn't Fabian Cortez and Exodus kill a bunch of people? I remember reading some of it, and Exodus gave the team quite a hard time.

Blood was really good. Cortez steals Luna Quicksilver's daughter with Crystal the Inhuman. Exodus shows up and takes on War Machine who he beats, and Sersi who believe it or not get the upper hand on. Exodus then beats Cortez and takes Luna. He takes her and plans to kill her for being an insult to Magneto (Luna is actually more human than any thing else since she was not born a mutant). Black knight winds up saving the day and realizes he remembers Exodus from some where. The Avengers also break off their UN ties due to their involvement in Genosha.

    I know that the two of them fought over the fate of Magneto during the X-Men/Avengers mini-series. And I THINK (Never having really read the story.) that the two of them got together during that Phoenix Rising story where Jean Grey came back. When else have the two of them teamed up? I mean as a team. Oh also, did they know about Jean Grey's death? Was there ever any reaction to it? Surely they knew about it, and they were allies.

Yeah that was waaay back in the 80's Mags needed to appear infront of the World Court I believe. Mags joined the Xmen by this time, and they did not want to give him up. The Avengers go after him and then they also meet up with that old Soviet Super team that had Ursa Major and Dark Star in it (sorry I forgot the name). They all wind up have a pretty good fight with each other. If I remember right Mags said that all people were racist against Mutants. He uses some mutants powers to see if Cap was a racist, and sees that he wasn't, so he turns him self in. The court which turns out had a mutant on it wound up acquitting Mags, most likely due to the Mutant of the court.

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