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Subj: Re: My Obscenely Optomistic Marvel Movie Overview.
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Reply Subj: My Obscenely Optomistic Marvel Movie Overview.
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I'm using these assumed premises:
1. Ten Rings will become either MOE or Zodiac
2. Avengers/SHIELD will seek to secure next-level tech
3. Aliens will investigate human advancements(StarTrek:First Contact)
4. Women and minority characters get the spotlight(Panther+Danvers)
5. Successfull films come from sticking to the source material
6. An expanding universe is more viable than 4/5 tentpoles.

May 2013: IronMan 3-Kree Sentry awakens Mandarin/Stark battle for tech.
Nov 2013: Thor 2- Thanos+gauntlet via Cube=gems lost. Intro Val.& Sutur

Feb 2014: AntMan-- Hank,Janet,Ultron2.0 vs. MODOK/DragonMan- Intro Kree
Apr 2014: Cap America 2-- Wakanda+Vibranium=BPanther vs Klaw/BaronZemo
May 2014: Avengers 2-Stalemate=Thanos gathers gems;intro MarVell
Dec 2014: GOTG-- Escaping Collector; a new team is formed.

Feb 2015: Black Panther- Full origin; then vs Whirlwind/Man-Ape
May 2015: Hulk 3.0-- vs Leader(Brains vs Brawn)
Jul 2015: SHIELD-- (SPYvsSPY)Hawkeye/BlackWidow vs.Scorpio/MadamMasque
Oct 2015: Cap Marvel--Death of MarVell->empowers Danvers vs Nitro/Ronan
Dec 2015: Inhumans, Runaways,or Power Pack--(Pixar)-(Just a guess)

Feb 2016: War Machine-Vs Whiplash-armored as Crimson Dynamo
May 2016: Thor 3-- vs Sutur/Ragnarok Valkyrie replaces Thor on Midgard
Jul 2016: AntMan 2.0--GiantMan,Wasp,new AntMan, vs.Vision/Ultron5.0
Oct 2016: Dr Strange-- Full origin Ancient One and Dormammu
Dec 2016: Avengers3- All new team "Breakout" vs MOE

Feb 2017: Cage--Origin vs Kingpin and Harlem gangs w/Jewel
Mar 2017: Black Panther 2--vs KasperCole/Killmonger/frogs intro Kang!
May 2017: Valkyrie--Journey2Hel/Valhalla vs.Executionr/BRB gets hammer
Jul 2017: Cap America3--Namor with Invaders flashbacks vs Hydra
Nov 2017: GOTG 2-- vs Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet(BetaRayThor returns)

Jan 2018: Savage Land-- KaZar and Wanda/Pietro vs High Evolutionary
Mar 2018: She-Hulk- vs Wrecking Crew...sues them for city damages \:\)
May 2018: Iron Fist-- Origin vs Steel Serpent,w/Cage,C.Wing, M.Knight
Jul 2018: SHIELD 2--vs Zodiac(SecurityCouncil);ClintEastwood=N.Fury Sr.
Oct 2018: Dr Strange 2--vs Baron Mordo/MorganLeFey intro BlackKnight

Jan 2019: Winter Soldier--(lives via Kang)vs BWidow in Russia
May 2019: Avengers 4-- "Avengers Forever" Kang strikes; intro Immortus
Jul 2019: DareDevil 2.0-- vs Nuke and maybe Ronin=Echo
Oct 2019: Moon Knight-- 3 personalities vs Taskmaster
Dec 2019: Hercules-- vs Absorbing Man w/ Amadeus Cho

Feb 2020: Cloak and Dagger-Origin vs Kingpin+D'Spayre
May 2020: IronMan 4.0-- (new actor)vs Living Laser+Ghost
Aug 2020: Heroes4Hire--"Expendebles"=cool chars kickin butt
Oct 2020: Planet Hulk--- What John Carter could have been.
Dec 2020: Alpha Flight-- Full classic cast vs Master

May 2021: Secret Wars pt1 yep.Beyonder snatches major heroes/villians
Nov 2021: Thunderbolts--D-List villians fill void of missing heroes
May 2022: Secret Wars pt2-w/FF, mutants,Spidey)intro several new char
May 2023: Avengers Academy-- WCA compound becomes training camp

Anything here sound plausible or probable?
Which fulfills your fanboy fantasy?

If it was the 12 rings maybe they would be Zodiac... 10 rings indicates the Mandarin.

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