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Subj: Re: Wait A Minute, When Has The Phoenix RESTORED Life?
Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 at 11:49:49 am EDT (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Wait A Minute, When Has The Phoenix RESTORED Life?
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You may be right but I think they have been setting the stage for his return for a few years and this time it may happen.It would not be as Captain Marvel but I have a feeling he is going to play some roll after AVX.Marvel says they are setting the stage for the next ten years and Thanos will probably be in Avengers 2 so if they do it now is the time.I imagine Marvel feels his death has served its purpose and its time to cash in-err I mean bring him back in a significant,meaningful way. I would even guess if Carol doesnt sell as C.M. then he will be in that role within a year.

Well here's how I see it:

1. Marvel has had a hammerlock on the rights to publish a Captain Marvel book, regardless of who is CM.

2. As long as even a one shot special or mini series is produced within the appropriate time frames, the rights remain Marvel's.

3. Marvel refuses to release the rights as that opens the door for DC to get them and restore Captain Marvel/Shazam to his proper name of Captain Marvel.

4. Marvel has repeatedly failed to replace Mar-Vell on a permanent basis. The best two were Monica and then Genis. Phyla was turned into a joke, and Quasar was Mar_Vell's successor as the Protector of the Universe NOT successor to the CM name. Currently Quasar is still the Protector and that is fine. Monica was basically swept aside when they had her powers "short out" and then return in a new form.

5. Marvel was "Written into a corner" with how Mar-Vell died. He's been shown as being at peace and NOT WANTING to come back. Until he changes his mind he would have to be forced back by things like the Reality Gem, Cosmic Cube, Phoenix Force, etc. Coming back from a bomb, lazer blast, explosions, teleportation accidents, etc. is easier then death by natural causes/disease.

6. The cancer cells are "inert" by the Phoenix power in him....sounds like an "out" to me. Phoenix strips him of the phoenix energy in him and he dies again, probably immediately. To me this sounds like an "escape valve" to kill him quickly again at the end of this story. SA 28 solicits imply that someone dies....gee I wonder who?

7. THANOS is back in the Avengers Assemble books and that is due to the Avengers movie. How he is back in the comics after Thanos Imperative has yet to be revealed much less the fate of Richard Ryder and Starlord. But if THANOS is back, that gives them a reason to retain Mar-Vell as they are arch-enemies. Also with Thanos back that means Kronos can again revive Drax the Destroyer and the Magus is incubating in Knowhere so that leaves the door open for Adam Warlock to return later on.

I'm hoping that Marvel has developed enough of a backbone to go against any negative fan backlash about a cancer victim returning to life and keeps Mar-Vell around. Let Carol have the CM name and retire Mar-Vell to Titan where he can stay with Elysius and start a family....perhaps they name their first born son.....Genis?

Thus once Carol's CM series is cancelled, Mar-Vell is still around and when the time is right he returns as Captain Marvel.

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