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Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 01:12:08 pm EDT (Viewed 374 times)
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Well, "Inactive" doesn't mean retired. It just means "not on staff."

    And how 'bout the diff between INACTIVE and FORMER? For example, practicing 'Always an Avenger at heart' FORMER heroes must re-petition for membership/identicard with INACTIVE priviledges? So, Jack of Hearts just returned to life must have agreed to return to the on-call list but 'Power Woman' must go thru the whole membership process again to get on file?

I can't explain Jessica Jones' inclusion here. I can see the dead and those who have heel-turned, but otherwise, they should be "inactive."

    They can still put a lot of in-story clarification of roll call status and prerequisites, IMO, even though this welcome issue entry was VERY helpful. Really liked the Avengers Note 'confirming' the 'outlaw' New Avengers were classified as honorary Avengers during the SHRA. Curious, though, why it wasn't noted that the Dark Avengers were selectively removed from FORMER status list. Rogers' perogative? By comparison, it seems... odd/off that Cho's Mighty Avengers from that period got to retroactively retain an official roll call status.

Dark Avengers were just bloody evil villains posing as Avengers. It's no different than if the Secret Empire had taken over.

    And how insulting is HONORARY status to the Young Avengers after all that has happened given this entry has been updated after the Children's Crusade. That group seems boringly doomed to stagnant fringe membership - the good news: has Stature and Jonas breaking away from their trademark marketing niche - the bad news: look where that got them.

Eh. They seem to be in good company: Mar-Vell, the GotG, Moira Brandon, etc. No insult there.

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