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Subj: Re: Doesn't Ultron Have A Son Or Something? One Of The Runaways, I Believe. Also, A Question.
Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 12:36:42 pm EDT (Viewed 213 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Doesn't Ultron Have A Son Or Something? One Of The Runaways, I Believe. Also, A Question.
Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 10:41:59 am EDT (Viewed 20 times)

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    Spoilers just in case. I remember reading this from the Runaways series during the Brian V. Vaughn run. Strangely I just got a digest because they had it on sale for $2 at the store. I remember it being a pretty cool series, from what I read of it anyway, and hey, love seeing those lesser characters like Darkhawk, Cloak and Dagger, the Wrecking Crew etc. interesting premise, and hey, a good deal is a good deal. Although what was the deal about Piledriver having a kid/son?
    I remember reading the issue, I just don't quite remember the details, but Ultron definitely played a part, and he had some connection to one of the Runaways. Can anybody fill me in on this.

One of Ultrons head thrown away by that moron Pym, was found by Marianella Mancha, who he could convince to help him rebuild him. He gave her as reward a son. A cyborg named Victor. Human on the outside, robotic on the inside, but thanks to nanotechonology, he would eventuel become completly organic, for all purposes a mutant possessing superstrength and electro-magnetic powers. Ultrons plan was that Victor being programmed to be a fan of superheroes would one day go to New York, meet some of its heroes, where his powers would manifest. Joining the Avengers, years down the line a sleeper program would make him Ultrons servent and he would kill the heroes. That future actually happened and an elder Gertrude Yorks came from that timeline to warn the Runaways. Going after Victor, their presence jumpstarted his powers and well you should really read that story yourself. In the pages of 'Avengers Acadamy' Hank Pym has recently become aware of his grandson.
About Piledriver's son, he only had that one appearance, to date, so i guess he is either in Juvie or back with the other side of the family.

    My other question is really a follow up to my below post about the Avengers/X-Men team-ups. Bloodlines was the aftermath of the Fatal Attractions storyline from the X-Men books (All 4 of them I believe. Back then there were about 20 less books then (than?) we have now.), where Professor X wiped Magneto's mind clean after he ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine. A little bit of an overreaction I guess, but it was what it was. Anyhow, Fabian Cortez was in it and he kidnapped Luna, Crystal and Pietro's baby daughter. My question is, didn't he replace her with a bomb or something that was meant to kill the Avengers? And why didn't he just give her back when he found out (I'm assuming that he found out.) that Magneto wasn't really dead after all? He could have just given her back and got the h--- out of there. Didn't he try to start an all out war or something? And I read that Exodus killed a bunch of people/humans on the island as well? Does anybody have any scans of this stuff? Thanks.

Sorry, can't help you with that.

But you really should read the Runaways TBP. They were that good.

"...that moron Pym..." Ha ha! I always felt it was weird that he (and the Avengers) would just throw away Ulton heads and not think of the implications. One of my earliest memories of this was way back in the 70s: Some kid found an Ultron head in a field after a battle, used it as a soccer ball, detached his "ears," got bored and tossed it aside. It was funny but you knew he was coming back and that the Avengers had made a mistake...I think this was Ultron's first appearance.

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