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Subj: Re: Next 4 more episodes...
Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 at 08:07:35 am CDT (Viewed 13 times)
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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 at 11:14:42 pm CDT (Viewed 16 times)

    Episode 2.15 Powerless - Enchantress depowers Thor, Captain America & Iron Man so that Loki can kill Thor using the Destroyer

I was bit bored with this episode. Which is odd because I tend to enjoy Loki and anything norse related. I've just always been bored with the Destroyer armor.

    Episode 2.16 Assault of 42 - Captain America, Thor & Wasp are trapped in 42 while the Annihilation Wave attacks. They got help from Captain Marvel and some of the incarcerated villains. Despite being shown in previous episodes that Kang and Ronan the Accuser were imprisoned along with Mar-vell, they were not seen in this episode

It was nice to see so many Thunderbolts related characters in the same episode...Zemo,Radioactive Man, Blizzard.

And it's always a pleasure to see the Leader. The Leader and Zemo in the same episode...if they had interacted I would have had a full on nerdgasm.

    Episode 2.17 Ultron Unlimited - Vision tries to capture the Avengers so he could use Ultron's own synthezoids to replace Earth's mightiest heroes. Question: in the comics, can Vision phase through Ultron's adamantium body?

I don't see why Vision couldn't. Adamantium is the hardest metal in the marvel universe but other than I don't think it has any other special properties. It's not immune to phasing.

    Episode 2.18 Yellowjacket - Nothing exciting here

Everyone thinks Hank is dead. He's just gone crazy and become Yellowjacket. He's been teleporting villains into a prison in another dimension but the dimension keeps shrinking or something. He snaps out of it but stays on the team as Yellowjacket. Still seems kind of crazy.