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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 at 08:35:13 pm EDT (Viewed 303 times)
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    the change seems so pointless. They'll have almost the exact same line up. Except they'll lose Hank Pym and Wasp and switch the Black Panther for Falcon.

We don't know the official lineup yet. And even if it's just the movie characters in the beginning, they are likely to add and subtract members as the show goes on.

And to be fair, the Avengers is a huge movie, much bigger than expected, so it definitely makes sense to put out a cartoon show based on it. AEMH's death has been predicted for a while, and really the announcement of this new show came out a few months ago.

This also seems to suggest that the Falcon will be introduced in the Captain America sequel as well.

    Plus: the Avengers:EMH truly uses the entire MArvel universe which has soooo much more to offer than the movie version.

Nothing to say that the new show won't do that as well. Rumors are round suggesting that the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and the Hulk Agents of Smash cartoon will all be set in the same universe as the new Avengers cartoon.

Honestly, AEMH hasn't been that great. The animation isn't that great, and I dislike the antiquated designs. Even the storytelling is weak, with basically done in one episodes of popular stories with little long term plotting. Compare that to a show like Young Justice which has really good animation, beautiful design work, incorporates a lot of DC's other characters and ideas, tells original stories, and has massive subplots.

It's a no brainer that DC's animated series/movies are much better then Marvel's. I enjoy AEMH but to me it is not as good as Young Justice which is such a joy to watch every week. I would love if Marvel took a queue from that and made a Young Avengers series.