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Yeah. Confusing.

[BTW fire Quake he subordinance to Cap is doubly annoying if that is the case Which technically he was already her 'boss' twice over.]

And if that is the excuse to calling Dum Dum and Rachel being granted Avengers Priority, over in Cap's title, it is still not satisfactorily confirmed in-story and not pleasing logistics to boot.

Does SHIELD even have the same acronym, and by extension, the same international purview? If so, what of all those countries his Secret Avengers 'invaded' early in the run? Seems dumb that every country, those times, would (apparently) not be consulted with the Top Cop intentions considering the degree of danger with those crises.

Argh. Pet peeve scars opening...

I miss the good ol' days...when the Avengers were simply a superhero team. Not a feakin' franchise or a replacement for SHIELD.

It worked great when it was Avengers and West Coast Avengers but there was a purpose to having two teams and they weren't based in the same geographic area.

Cage's Avengers never felt like Avengers to me...neither does Secret Avengers. Cage's team was more like the Defenders.

SHIELD worked for decades. It served the purpose it was created for perfectly. The Avengers was created for another purpose altogether and it does neither property justice to try and use one to do the other's job.

SHIELD needs to return and the Avengers need to downsize or at least have a reason for having all these teams aside from "we think it'll sell".