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Avengers #27

00 Terrible cover. Yeah, Noh takes out the Avengers - symbolic. But not IM and Cap and he's not good enough to break THE shield.

01 Okay PrevPage. Still disappointing that 1/2 the book is SA members sent on the mission to end all missions because more A-list Avengers didn't qualify. But hey, only Thor and Noh actually do anything this issue so can't complain. On the other hand their's is like a hindsight adventure given the lax issue release date.

02 Thor props. He has a strong subconscious.

03 Dramatic danger. Noh really di sentence them to death - no, 'oh I knew you'd wake up and get out of it' excuse for him.

04 GOOD FOR THEM - they didn't make it a double page spread. It was probably tempting.

05-06 No sense of all the Kree history that has reshaped the Kree Empire from Avengers v1 Kree/Skrull War to the recent FF War of Four Cities. Also no sense of Noh being from an alternate reality. Must ignore the 'why bother' invest long term interest feeling...

07 Same old blind mad on for Earth but the giant brain with four eyes. Hypocritical evidence that Noh will turn on him right off. Maybe he cares more for getting in Annie's pants than the general Earth populace whom includes the guys he threw into the sun.

08 Oooh! If only they sent along a teleport method... or maybe an artifact or two that could cleave thru dimensions... say a hammer or sword maybe. Whew, thank Odin for Tony Stark's foresight/tech.

09 Thor props. Gets out and push. Rhodey gets dissed. It's like 'the team' says, 'One suicide mission is enough for you, you stay behind and lick your wounds while we fall to our deaths'.

10 Not sure why he uses Mjolnir like a blowdryer[retro rocket?] instead of just tugging the craft. Not sure why CB [or Binary ..err.. Danvers] cannot help either [WM ain't using his Stark armor, lend it].

11 Beast gets maudlin... uhm... okay. Valkyrie must be in the restroom wretching?

12-13 WHAT?! Okay, the betrayal was telegraphed, but the blast?! 99 out of 100 posters at CBMB would have said no contest SUPREMOR vs PROTECTOR before this... uhm... okay? Not really. Plex assist? Not clear.

14 Escape. Nuff Said. [But not really.]

15 Dramatic confrontation.

16 Thor props. Avengers don't kill. [They don't listen to the other side either it seems.] Intellectual Beast loses it and threatens to kill... uhm... okay. [But not really.]

    Vision: "You cannot fix betrayal."
    How soon they forget. Especially Vision.
    To be fair, if he cannot forgive Wanda, one cannot expect him to forgive Noh-Vall. But the rest of them were ready to forgive Wanda and she killed some of them.

17 Ms. Marvel lets loose some believable victim's anger, afterall after that psychic seduction and that thing with Mar-Vell's return... hey, waitaminnit! What about that psychic seduction and that thing with MAR-VELL's RETURN?! Nothing? Unbelievable. AND YEAH, what Vision has the audacity to say was unbelievable.

18-20 That's a lot of troops and sentries! But if 8 Avengers could easily get secretly past 'em then things look good for 1 man alone. Ronan and Crystal are in the restroom getting in Crystal's pants.

20 A cosmic Letters Page BUT it is encrypted and ONLY for Annie that she can't even read for herself [or the readers].

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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