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bu now almost every hero ever created was an avenger
who was never an avenger but should be one?

me, i would like to see IKARIS from the eternals in the team, he is a VERY powerful charecters with cool costume and can
add the (sort of) god factor to the team.

Silver surfer and fire lord - for the cosmic element

ghost rider - for a supernatural element

the Invisible woman - very powerful and strong woman , it the thing can be on 2 teams so can she
(i know, she was an avengers for 3 issues but she can be back)

who else?

I've actually thought about this recently, after re-reading a few old Marvel Super Heroes modules for the role-playing game. The plot of one had EVERY Avenger disappear from Earth for a game between the Grandmaster and Loki, leaving a few also-rans and second-tier guys left to be the Avengers... and since then, most of those guys have become Avengers! So, I debated how to do that now, and came up with this lot as the guys I'd recruit to be Avengers if everyone that ever has been has vanished:

Red She-Hulk - Betty's a pretty obvious choice, in that she's powerful, and is connected to several Avengers.

Rescue - Pepper Potts is heroic enough to help out, and adds the Stark connection.

Black Panther - Not T'challa, but his female relative that currently rules Wakanda. She's smart, skilled, and has a name with Avengers-level cachet.

Firelord - Friendly with several Avengers, insanely powerful, and yet mentally stable, Firelord's the ideal choice to join the Avengers.

The Shroud - One of those chosen by the module, the reasoning is still strong. He's smart, a natural leader, and competant.

Beta Ray Bill - Thor-level power, has worked with the Avengers on three prior occasions and several members individually, and a genuinely great guy. Bill's a #1 draft pick.

Battlestar - He's a highly skilled, mentally stable, Captain America style hero.

Gravity - Excellent heroic ideals, competent, powerful, and a natural leader.

I considered Toro and Johnny Storm, both of which lost out to Firelord in my final consideration, but would make good Avengers.