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Subj: Re: How did Marvel pull you in? (inspired by a post below, from Rev)
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 05:08:12 pm EDT (Viewed 214 times)
Reply Subj: How did Marvel pull you in? (inspired by a post below, from Rev)
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Rev's comment below that Avengers # 300 was his first issue got me thinking: How did Marvel snag us, and get us to buy more of its interconnected universe?

For me, it started with Iron Man # 225. Perfect starting point, the first chapter of Armor Wars. From there, I moved on to WCA, since he was a member of the team. I got there just in time for # 37, which split the team up as Hawkeye & Mockingbird fought over the right to let a villain die.
About a year later, for my 13th birthday, I got a gift certificate to the local paperback store ... and went nuts. I bought Daredevil # 262 (part of Inferno), Cap # 349 (the penultimate chapter of John Walker as Cap!), and ... oops, Rev, it may have been Avengers # 299, as part of Inferno.
But I guess what really got me was Uncanny X-Men # 241. At 13, there was nothing to draw me in better than Maddie Pryor, spread eagle in her mini Goblin Queen outfit. I read that issue over and over, and picked up every issue since.
So what's your story? How did the Marvel marketing team get you to branch out and buy not just your first comic, but begin to sample their other titles?

If I understand your question correctly the answer is as follows.First I discovered Thor back issues in a little thrift shop along with many other comics.There were a lot of D.C. and other stuff along with some Marvel.I realized fairly soon that they were different companies and started looking for the Marvel stuff.Memory is a little fuzzy but Spiderman books,and Avengers,along with Hulk became ones I looked for on a regular basis.The nice lady that ran the shop always held all comic books until I had my pick.The more I read it became obvious there was a connected universe theme that drew me to search out Marvel.Then when I started buying them new I had a good idea of which books were ones I wanted.As a side note I found my first copies of Origins and Son of Origins in that little shop which really helped hook me.I think new comics were like 35 or 50 cents at the time so I could follow all the marvel universe that I wanted and still have spending money.The Marvel stuff generally stood way above most others in those days(just my opinion)and another thing I liked was the way Stan used the bullpen pages to keep readers connected.I guess thats pretty much how Marvel got me following their interconnectd universe.