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Subj: Re: So, who IS an Avenger anyway?
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 06:19:47 pm EDT (Viewed 271 times)
Reply Subj: So, who IS an Avenger anyway?
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 05:16:22 pm EDT (Viewed 388 times)

    The thread below discussing Avengers membership got me to thinking about how open ended the teams have been lately. There are several people that have served terms with the Avengers lately I genuinely don't know if we count as members anymore! To wit:

    Nova - Does his one-mission case as a Secret Avenger include him as a member now, or was he just an ally called in by Cap? I think that the roster in Avengers Roll Call included him.

It did, and he is.

    Jewel - Is Jessica an Avenger with Cage's team, or was she just hanging out? No idea, but I think the Avengers Roll Call included her.

It lists her as "Former Avenger," which is mostly dead ones and traitors, but a few "living" ones like Jocasta, Bucky, Reed Richards.

    Prince of Orphans - John Aman spent more time with the Secret Avengers than Nova, was called in by Cap as Nova's replacement specifically, but isn't on the roster in Avengers Roll Call. Wikipedia calls him an Avenger. Shouldn't he be?

He should, imo. But yeah, he's omitted from the Roll Call. He seemed like a member before Shang-Chi.

    Shang-Chi - Acted as a Secret Avenger against his father, and has been aiding Spider-Man recently, but isn't on the Avengers Roll Call roster but is listed as one on Wikipedia. Member or not?

More of an Avenger than Flux.

    Skaar - Was clearly an agent of Captain America's infiltrating the Dark Avengers, but does that make him a full-on Avenger? He's not on the Roll Call or Wikipedia.

I think that story came out too late to be included in Roll Call.

    Speedball - Robbie was a staff member at Avengers Academy, but never served with any Avengers team otherwise. Is he a member?

    Lightspeed - She's a teacher's assistant at Avengers Academy, but never was an Avenger. Does that give her Avengers status?

I doubt it. The Academy is listed separately in Roll Call.

    Sharon Carter - Wikipedia states she's a Secret Avengers MEMBER, while I see her as being more of a liasion like Maria Hill or Victoria Hand. Which is it?

She was said to be a liaison... but she's the boss' GF, so... ya know...

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