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Subj: Re: A Little Bit Unclear About Disassembled And Wanda, But One Thing That I REALLY Didn't Get: Magneto.
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 at 09:38:21 am EDT (Viewed 426 times)
Reply Subj: A Little Bit Unclear About Disassembled And Wanda, But One Thing That I REALLY Didn't Get: Magneto.
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 11:31:45 pm EDT (Viewed 513 times)

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Can someone clarify what happened with Wanda? I know that she went to Doctor Doom, and that he did- something to or with her, but what exactly was it? Obviously there was a retcon, but was she still in control of her actions? Did she just go insane, or was Doom just manipulating and or controlling her? Does Wanda just get off the hook? Did they pull a Hal Jordan with her? And was that whole thing with Agatha Harkness ever explained (Ie: Was that the real Agatha all along, or did she remain dead and then Wanda re-created her?)?

But anyhow, the BIGGEST head scratcher, and if you ask me, this was a big plot hole, was why Cap just handed Wanda over to Magneto. The Avengers didn't know that the Magneto from Planet X was an imposter (Uy yoah yoah!),or at least I don't THINK that they did, so surely they were aware that he went on a terror spree (Did they know about Jean's death and that Wolverine beheaded him after he killed Jean?)in New York. So why would they just give her to him and not do anything? Did they just think that Wanda recreated this Magneto,and that the old one was dead? I understand that everybody was exhausted,and it's understandable that they didn't want to pick a fight with Magneto,but it felt very-odd that he would just pop in and nobody says or does anything. Especially with Nick Fury there. He would have been all like "That's Magneto. Shoot him!". Even discounting the Planet X storyline, Mags was still a wanted terrorist (He stopped being a good guy and went back to villian status during the X-Men Fatal Attractions storyarc wayyyyyy back in the early 90s.). It seems weird that Cap wouldn't at least try to talk with him or try to figure things out. I don't know. It was a dramatic scene, but it didn't make any sense when you think about it. And you don't have to think HARD about it.

Oh, this gets annoying REAL fast, so bear with me. \:\)

Wanda went to Doom to get his assistance in bringing back her children from Mephisto. His attempts to aid her (and, of course, gain cosmic power for himself... he is Dr. Doom, after all.) caused her to bond to a strange cosmic entity, which for simplicity's sake is referred to as the Life Entity, although it's begging for a retcon. That entity has manipulated many of Wanda's decisions and actions during Disassembled. Doom has also taken credit for manipulating Wanda as well to destroy the Avengers. So, yeah, Hal Jordan/Jean Grey at BEST, with some mind control on top of that! We're still unsure as to whether or not Agatha was ever returned to life or not, same as Wonder Man, actually.

The Magneto/Cap thing... we've had multiple interpretations of that, actually. For one, it's worth mentioning that the UN gave Magneto a country well and truly after Fatal Attractions, so he wasn't wanted again until Planet X, surprisingly. And then things get way worse. We've heard from an alternate reality Dr. Strange that Cap was actually actively collaborating with Wanda as well and it was his knowledge of strategy that helped her to really see how to destroy the Avengers, only snapping out of it when he was challenged to rebuild the Avengers. Whether this is because of Wanda's mental manipulations as seen in Captain America and the Falcon at the time or because Cap lost his mind is open to interpretation... as is whether or not Strange's vision is as true of our reality as well as his own. So, ultimately, who knows?


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