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Subj: Re: How did Marvel pull you in? (inspired by a post below, from Rev)
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 at 02:03:18 pm EDT (Viewed 234 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How did Marvel pull you in? (inspired by a post below, from Rev)
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    Rev's comment below that Avengers # 300 was his first issue got me thinking: How did Marvel snag us, and get us to buy more of its interconnected universe?

    For me, it started with Iron Man # 225. Perfect starting point, the first chapter of Armor Wars. From there, I moved on to WCA, since he was a member of the team. I got there just in time for # 37, which split the team up as Hawkeye & Mockingbird fought over the right to let a villain die.
    About a year later, for my 13th birthday, I got a gift certificate to the local paperback store ... and went nuts. I bought Daredevil # 262 (part of Inferno), Cap # 349 (the penultimate chapter of John Walker as Cap!), and ... oops, Rev, it may have been Avengers # 299, as part of Inferno.
    But I guess what really got me was Uncanny X-Men # 241. At 13, there was nothing to draw me in better than Maddie Pryor, spread eagle in her mini Goblin Queen outfit. I read that issue over and over, and picked up every issue since.
    So what's your story? How did the Marvel marketing team get you to branch out and buy not just your first comic, but begin to sample their other titles?

My first comic was Avengers #300...so I'm always wounded to the quick whenever you guys diss Gilgamesh who was the one on that team of Avengers I liked. I loved that helmet. I liked Gil because there was something about him that seemed wistful and world weary.

I think as a result of seeing Reed and Sue on the Avengers before I ever picked up a Fantastic Four book and enjoying Cap putting Reed in his place I never warmed up to Reed. My first FF issue was #312 the one where Sharon becomes the She-Thing...that run was awful but I enjoyed it because Ben was the leader. I never enjoy Reed as leader because he's strikes me as a bit of a dick who holds the other 3 back.

I didn't become passionate about comics until I started buying the New Warriors. I loved that series and volume 1 is still my favorite series Marvel has ever done. I became interested in New Warriors because I wanted to figure out how Kid Nova was connected to Super Nova (who debuted in my second comic ever...Avengers #301).

Maybe it was because I was already familiar with Gilgamesh from The Eternals,and that great great run up to Thor#300 that makes me like the charater.Knowing the epic of Gilgamesh and its ties to Hercules labors make him interesting.Was it Walt Simonson that turned him into the monster killer?I think most saw him as one dimensional where that was actually one aspect of his personality from the old tales.It didnt bother me since it fit with the mythology and we knew he would eventually find another part of his personality.Still think of him as The Forgotten One.