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Subj: Re: Hickman on the Avengers, and thoughts on Bendis
Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 07:06:57 pm EDT (Viewed 354 times)
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    If the rumors are true....I am very excited to have Johnathon Hickman coming to one, or two Avengers books. His work is outstanding on the FF, with mindbending, but fun plots were a pleasure to see unfold. He could really up the ante with the Avengers.

    I do hope he's paired up with some solid artists. The lastest on New Avengers has been no up to par. My eyeteeth for Gary Frank to return....or get Perez to do a swansong run.

    I am however, a little sad to see Bendis go. I know he's not everyone's favorite, but he did bring a vision to the series....and has brought them from 2nd class comics to the top....I'll always thank him for that. And the status quo is almost here with the return of Vision.

    Can't wait for the future of the team....been a fan since 221.


I thought that Hickman was hit or miss on Fantastic Four, but overall it was good. I would just be happy to see Bendis off the title. Maybe Hickman can make it feel more Avengers like again?

My only complaint about Hickman's FF is that it was quite decompressed. However, it had a (very!) satisfactory payoff and an actual climax that resolved a lot of the plots and subplots. Both climaxes and subplots have been somewhat absent in Avengers under Bendis, so I'm looking forward to Hickman's run. I'm excited to see which roster he'll choose.

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