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Subj: ummm...I would go back to buy comics with this line up
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Reply Subj: While I do lke some of Bendis/New stuff, by the old greats I tend to think of...
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    Hey folks.....

    For years I've heard that the Avengers, weren't the Avengers of old....that these Bendis Avengers were an All Star team...but without the heart of the past.

    I will agree with that to a point....but I've enjoyed the progression of the Avengers with Bendis. It's nice to have Spidey on the team. Luke Cage has surprised me with how much I like him. Wolverine is admitted extraneous, and stretched thin timewise....but I don't mind.

    I do enjoy the classic runs of the past. Shooter/Perez, Stern/Buscema, Busiek/Perez,Davis,Dwyer.....but I'm glad for Bendis bring the Avengers to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Like it or not, Bendis saved the Avengers from being a 2nd tier title for some time to come at least.

    My favorite storyline was the Hood's saga. Thought that was very interesting. I am however tired of Osborn and his Hammer friends.

    Looking forward to the future!

...that era that I just loved the stories AND the members on the team...like

1)Iron Man...overall leader/long term planner and tech guy..Brains of the team

2)Thor...powerhouse,never say die attitude...Soul and in some ways glue of the team when the heart and brain dont agree

3)Captain America...tactical in battle leader...Teams Heart

The big 3 should always be the center of the team and in their absence their roles should only temporarily be picked up by another

4) & 5) Vision and Scarlet Witch...the lovers that overcame impossible odds to be together

6) & 7) Beast and Wonderman...the buddies of the team (like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle)

8) & 9) Yellow Jacket and Wasp...ill-fated lovers that never seem to find peace but always end up finding each other

10) Black Panther and Hawkeye round out the old team

...classic stories I loved...however I always did want more women on the team for a balanced prespective so I wanted added those like

Ms. Marvel
a reformed Amora/Enchantress...maybe a return to her Idunn days?
Sersi was ok
Sharon Carter in a support role
Jean Grey (just to mess with Scott with the current fighting...lol)
a new heroine

However, I can do with long periods w/o the big three...coming only to deal with the real big battles. That will make them more impresive...
And Wanda a Vision in the roster together again..??. I will buy two copies of each issues ;\)