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Subj: it means when the team had standards
Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 at 08:03:06 pm EDT (Viewed 21 times)
Reply Subj: When you say you miss the old Avengers.....what exactly is meant by that?
Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 at 10:44:58 am EDT (Viewed 35 times)

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Hey folks.....

For years I've heard that the Avengers, weren't the Avengers of old....that these Bendis Avengers were an All Star team...but without the heart of the past.

I will agree with that to a point....but I've enjoyed the progression of the Avengers with Bendis. It's nice to have Spidey on the team. Luke Cage has surprised me with how much I like him. Wolverine is admitted extraneous, and stretched thin timewise....but I don't mind.

I do enjoy the classic runs of the past. Shooter/Perez, Stern/Buscema, Busiek/Perez,Davis,Dwyer.....but I'm glad for Bendis bring the Avengers to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Like it or not, Bendis saved the Avengers from being a 2nd tier title for some time to come at least.

My favorite storyline was the Hood's saga. Thought that was very interesting. I am however tired of Osborn and his Hammer friends.

Looking forward to the future!

The 'old' Avengers was the team that had a stable roster, before someone at Marvel thought it would be great if they just piled on any Marvel character that came along. If you look at the title between issue 1 and issue 200, they had 14 consistent members. Or 21 if you count members who only showed up in less than six issues(like Hulk, Black Knight, or Black Widow). How many characters have been Avengers since then? Marvel has put just about everyone on the team. The Avengers have no standards whatsoever. Moon Knight, Sersi, Doctor Druid....these characters are NOBODIES. What are they doing on a team like the Avengers? Their presence weakened the Avengers' titles, and drove a second string writer like Bendis to try and 'fix' the team by copying the Justice League.

So, people who lament for the days of the 'old' Avengers, are talking about a stable team(that lasts 200 issues, not 12). A team of heroes made up of characters that most FANS(as opposed to delusional execs at Marvel) want to see as Avengers: Cap, Thor, Ironman, the Pyms, Hawkeye, Pietro and Wanda, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision, Wonderman, Ms. Marvel. And I wouldn't look unfavorably at She-Hulk, Beast(for God sakes, the SIMIAN version of Hank McCoy) and Spiderman(if he's portrayed the same as his character was between AS volume 1 #224-250) on the team too.

But I won't hold my breath. To revert to that team would be an admission of failure on the part of Quesada. I suspect I won't be buying another Avengers comic until the man is no longer working at Marvel.