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Subj: Re: When you say you miss the old Avengers.....what exactly is meant by that?
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 01:34:16 pm EDT (Viewed 300 times)
Reply Subj: When you say you miss the old Avengers.....what exactly is meant by that?
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Hey folks.....

For years I've heard that the Avengers, weren't the Avengers of old....that these Bendis Avengers were an All Star team...but without the heart of the past.

I will agree with that to a point....but I've enjoyed the progression of the Avengers with Bendis. It's nice to have Spidey on the team. Luke Cage has surprised me with how much I like him. Wolverine is admitted extraneous, and stretched thin timewise....but I don't mind.

I do enjoy the classic runs of the past. Shooter/Perez, Stern/Buscema, Busiek/Perez,Davis,Dwyer.....but I'm glad for Bendis bring the Avengers to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Like it or not, Bendis saved the Avengers from being a 2nd tier title for some time to come at least.

My favorite storyline was the Hood's saga. Thought that was very interesting. I am however tired of Osborn and his Hammer friends.

Looking forward to the future!

When I mean the old avengers this is what I mean.

the old team from when they felt heroic and mighty.

I don't think the team NEEDS the big three (though at least one of the core nine of thor, cap, ironman, hawkeye, pym, wasp, vision, scarlet witch, and wonderman helps) after all their are many minor avengers I like.

But I read bendvengers until a couple issues after civil war (for new/basic) and until the end of the ultron arc for mighty and quit as I hated it.

What I mean is the tone of the book. Back when big threats were taken down and the team didn't struggle with minor foot soldier nuisances like ninjas. Yes, seeing experienced avengers struggling against hand henchmen of the kind they usually plow through to reach the main villain felt weak.

Back when they felt like a team who can work together, some characters never meshed but that was life, but it wasn't like everyone hated each other back then. The worst for this was mighty where Bendis used thought bubbles for the characters to insult each other making it feel as if everyone hates each other.

Back when conversations moved forward a story or plot and were not verbal filler.

What do I mean by verbal filler? This. (I am doing it with a secret invasion feel but Bendis does this on any topic).

CHARACTER ONE: Oh no she's a skrull!


CHARACTER THREE: She's a skrull?

CHARACTER ONE: Yes a skrull.

CHARACTER TWO: If she is a skrull how do I know you're not a skrull


CHARACTER ONE: That is just what a skrull would say

CHARACTER TWO: so any of us can be a skrull?


CHARACTER ONE: yes any of us!

CHARACTER TWO: You can all be skrulls

CHARACTER THREE: How can you tell which of us is a skrull?

CHARACTER ONE: You can't that's what makes them bad, and only a skrull will divide us like that

CHARACTER TWO: Yeah, I bet you're a skrull!

CHARACTER THREE: How do I know if I am a skrull?

CHARACTER ONE: you don't know? Only a skrull would be confused like that

CHARACTER TWO: Yes you skrull

CHARACTER THREE: I am NOT a skrull, you must be skrulls

CHARACTER ONE: Said the person who was unsure if he was a skrull

CHARACTER TWO: you could be a skrull

CHARACTER THREE: yes, i bet he is one

CHARACTER ONE: I am not a skrull two is the skrull

CHARACTER TWO: i am not a skrull

CHARACTER THREE: if only we could tell who is a skrull

Now continue this conversation page after page for three issues with no progress gained towards finding who is a skrull or what the skrulls are planning. That is Bendis filler chat and I find it annoying as hell. It is conversation that serves no purpose other than to take up space and it goes nowhere.