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    Good to see Wanda.

'Bout time.

    No idea where this is heading, which is refreshing.


    Super fun series so far.

If this is a sign of the writer change for the Avengers then it feels. other than a some kinda neat ideas tossed in, it came across as Wanting - with a capital W... heck, capitalize the word too...

Avengers Vs X-Men #6

Ten days passed from #5 with no exposition details. The PF5 have established global marshal law (prooobably similar to how Squadron Supreme did it in their maxi) as they unilaterally made decisions flaunted their god=like presence (prooobably similar to those transformed godwannabes in MTU vs A1 that they had opposed). Prooobably the 'real' Pantheon of Gods are tied up with their non-interference pact and even the Broxton Asgardians have done nothing of note to help save their prime real estate - looooks like only Thor is just rogue. [Sidenote: maybe Amadeus Cho is THAT smart afterall to give up godpower during Chaos War and not dictating destiny.] Granted issues like last week's Legacy did a bit of focus on those 10 days but hardly adequate details of the changes so far.

Unheralded return of Professor Xavier. No fanfare, no update, no nothing. Uninspired. We don't even know if he was called in or he put off visiting the PF5 for lazyboy reasons.

Grand redesign of Utopia. Visually impressive.

Scott and Xavier exchange only pleasantries and fashion statements. Apparently with 6 more issues there's time for proper debate.

Vignette cameos of the PF5 country assignments. All we can see besides a poser shot in their new fashion costumes is that CLEARLY one should predict there will be a cosmic reset button at the end to remove all these Save Humanity Measures so quickly integrated. Granted Piotr gets some spotlight.

Twelve days passed from #5 and most of the fully recovered heroes seems to have been twiddling their thumbs for the most part.

Throw in a new idea(?) of a LEGION of Zzzaxes. Why? Though potentially interesting threat up upgrade after thizzz Event it would've been nicer to see big A-list name villain/s reacting instead.

Throw in a new idea of the SIEGE COURAGEOUS. Cute play on Perilous. But why? And more importantly: What?! And How?

Twelve days + "LATER" -whatever that timeframe is- from #5 and the issue finally shows all same the K'un Lunn garbage that has been going on in the Avengers titles. And it is all the same stuff for the most part. They got a citizen that can probably stop the PF like it did in 1596. (Guess the new retconned Da Vinci SHIELD was busy.] That is prooobably the Jade Personage all withered up now and with a new eye in his palm and still holding back info from countrymen and readers. At least they mention the Seven Cities in THIS Event.

The free world cannot really do anything with the global domination - just like things over in the Ultimate Universe. T'Challa is either back in charge or proxy for Shuri - who knows. (Guess we must wait 'til his AVX fight to find that out - and about his marriage problems hinted at 2weeks ago.)

ELSEWHERE. Because it is sooo important to keep Wanda's location and explanation how she got their after getting kicked out by Vizh. She has 2 pages of a gratuitous Nuff Said vision. This foreshadow a real or possibly temporary change - but first readers have to guess what the classic lineup pictures mean to her.

"NOW." Horrible timelining. So this is the reference point and the previous pages were flashback? Guess we can assume this is 12-13 days after #5.

Throw in a new ship: LIBERATION. Prooobably because a Quincarrier just won't do for a hodgepodge lineup mission. It looooks like Sharon and Vizh are at NYC HQ and online with their mission en route to Utopia.

12-13 days MINUS 3 hours... *sigh* Horrible pacing segue. The Avengers are still intent on kidnapping Hope as their ludicrously best option to gather intel. And T'Challa goes all high and mighty for some poor reason of Stately image in front of the World Powers that aren't really in charge anymore anyways? Thor should talk to him. ;\)

Throw in new armor for everyone! Big props for Stark in this Event continue (prooobably Reed ain't twiddling his thumbs though). The armors diving look cool and they smartly can jump out of a plane for a change (if they still look inferior to Tony's). Okay, the 'WHY' is to be armed better against the PF5... but still tempted to repeat 'Seriously, why'?

Then a weeeeeird segue to previously(?) when Cap was talking to Iron Fist about a further flashback encounter with Zzzaxes? Crazy in media res or whatever this poor storytelling method is here.

Throw in a new language: Electric. And Piotr talks himself out of a fight - no need for a fight scene. ...Shocking.

Hero Up time! Attack the children! On the plus side, they get past PF5 security. On the other hand - Cap really needs to hire a teleporter by now - especially if Mjolnir can't do it. A mindreader would help too.

The big issue fight. Hardly. Scott and Emma pawn them. They state their cases. Hardly. Scott does some weird YinYang eyebeam variation for some reason.

Throw in a new powers for Wanda: teleportation and godrepellant deodrant. Not a surprise that she pawns the pawners. She escapes with 4 Avengers and prooobably Thor lying on the floor. The other teammates were prooobably surprise distractions elsewhere during the strike, prooobably thanks to their new armor,. Hope surprises readers and smartens up and tags along.

Throw in a clever homage to Wanda's classic ending line.

EDIT Jun23: For more click here.

does the mutant gene get restarted or not? Seems funny if Cyclops didn't get it done yet since that was the whole idea of letting Phoenix come to Earth, not take it over.

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