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Subj: Re: AvX part 6 (Spoilers)
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 05:51:04 pm EDT (Viewed 410 times)
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Good to see Wanda. No idea where this is heading, which is refreshing. Super fun series so far.

This feels much different from all the recent "events".

I thought this issue made the Avengers look like a bunch of complete douchebags.
So, the Phoenix Five have brought peace and prosperity to the world and how does the world react??? Apparently they are not impressed, well at least POTUS isn't. We get some lame moralizing about how mankind shouldn't be taking an easy way out and that any progress we make should be hard fought for. Try rationalizing that to the millions of people who are living with death, war and starvation in the world.
If anything this story serves to emphasize how flawed mankind actually is.
Make the world an actual honest to goodness Utopia and humanity will not be able to accept it, eventually turning on their saviours.
Based on the Avengers reactions and actions in this issue I think that Scott and co. should just let the Phoenix Force raze the earth and start from scratch.