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Subj: Stand up and fight against World Peace (Spoilers)
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That's how it always is. When someone conquers the world, it's a bad thing even if the ruler is good. You're tramping on everyone's rights and free will, and that's a bad thing so you've got to go. Reminds me when Thor took over the world. He went through the same thing.

The Avengers have always fought to prevent anyone from imposing their will on the world, even if they'd be a benevolent dictator that might make things better. See:

a) The "Emperor Doom" graphic novel.
b) that alien planet Moondragon brainwashed in the #220s.
c) Vision's global computer takeover in the #250s.
d) Baron Zemo Jnr's "I'm the good guy now" Avengers/Thunderbolts miniseries shenanigans.

The Avengers will always fight for your rights to hate, fight and kill each other, rather than allowing someone to set themselves up as King of the World and force everyone to behave.

And it goes without saying that 99.9% of world leaders, and the mostly-mutant-fearing people of their nations aren't going to want four mutant criminals and terrorists, and one demon-thing appointing themselves in charge of the world and telling them how things are going to be run, and are going to be backing the Avengers.

(Also, by trying to both prevent war AND famine, Team Phoenix are just making the world's overpopulation crisis even worse than ever).