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Subj: You're not surprised because....
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 11:31:38 pm EDT (Viewed 28 times)
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Why am I not surprised?

Carol goes Binary and with THOR's aid they deal with some of the Phoenix but she fails.

Captain Britain mans up and is pushing the Phoenix back and was winning.

Mar-Vell divines the Phoenix' purpose in coming to Hala....the Phoenix energies within him! So Mar-Vell again states that he didn't miss being alive and makes the sacrifice move to save the day thus inspiring the Avengers to carry on and for Carol to take on the name of Captain Marvel.

Oh yes, a few panels are devoted to telling us who Minister Marvel is, the Nephew of Mar-Vell who lived in disgrace due to Mar_Vell betraying the Kree to save Earth. MM's son had the power to influence minds and was what was controlling the Kree. Minister Marvel kills his son and then blows his brains out in front of Mar-Vell and the Avengers.....ho hum......

Thanks for the final alienating of this long time fan Marvel, you could easily have had Carol take the CM name while keeping Mar_Vell alive but once again we get a temporary/fake revival rammed down our throats.

And if that last page is somehow meant to inspire hope of yet another revival of Mar-Vell sometime, just take that hope and shove it you've done enough damage.

we knew someone would sacrifice themselves and thanks to the Marvel releasing the teams post-Hala adventures in the last month we knew who wouldn't die today. There was only one major character left to bite the dust.

Seriously, Marvel should have had Secret and adjectiveless Avengers crossover with each other so the Marvel stuff can come before the Protector betrayal instead of almost simultaneously.