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Subj: Re: Could They PLEASE Explain How Powerful Wanda Is?
Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 09:24:18 pm EDT (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: Could They PLEASE Explain How Powerful Wanda Is?
Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 at 10:34:45 pm EDT (Viewed 21 times)

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It would be nice if they clairified how powerful Wanda is now. So she can apparently dream the future, hurt Scott even though he has a fifth of the Phoenix and teleport. Is she back to her late-80's "hex power with minor magic" powers or has exposure to the Life Force permanently boosted her powers?


The dream thing isn't a new development for Wanda. There were at least 2 other storylines where she had dreams proving to be true. The first was the original Lady Liberators storyline in the 70s. Another one was a story with the Avengers and the inhumans, and involved meteors hurling towards the earth, if i remember correctly.

As for how powerful, if you look at any of the storylines prior to Bendis, you should get a clear idea about the level she should have. Even the teleportation in AVX isn't new - her hex power has teleported people with through time and space (a Marvel two in one seris with Spiderman, Moondragon,Vision and Doc. Doom). She's even followed Thor to Asgard on her own powers. She's also kept other magical portals from closing (morgan le fay storyline about the female captain britain).

want a real demonstration of her power, even if it was downplayed? See her stopping the deadly red mist in the Geoff Johns Red Skull storyline.