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Hawkeye...Yeah, that works for me. Don't forget, he spent his early years with one of the world's best covert operators, Black Widow. He also led the west coast team for a few years. And after the founding five and Cap, he has the most seniority.

But the other two...

Jessica Jones is a nothing character who really doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the book, and indeed is one of the many reasons I dropped the title a few years back.
But who created her? Yep, Bendis did. I don't know if he's getting any kickbacks from keeping her around, but god knows I can't think of another reason.

And who is the Marvel character Bendis would most like to date? That's right...Luke Cage.

If you're going to accuse anyone of cronyism...give Bendis the finger (double entendre intended).

Regarding Hawkeye, standing next to someone skilled does not make you skilled and all of his previous appearances have him as a showboating loudmouth who always craves the spotlight. Not someone you want leading a team that does not officially exist.