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    -I have read a few Avengers comics with Jessica Jones in them. Her contribution consisted of standing in the background holding a baby. How exactly is she qualified to be a Avenger in any standing?

I think the intent of putting her on the team is to give the team the sort of emotionally heart created by The Chick character in most team fiction.


However, for whatever reason Bendis just doesn't have it in him to truly write characters as archetypes. Perhaps doing so feels cartoony to him. Perhaps in his experience the people he knows sound and think much like himself, so can't quite buy someone talking in ways that clearly denote them as archetypes.

He does seem to see some value in those tropes as he uses characters whose superficial visual suggests they were put in to represent those archetypes. But he just can't quite seem to go through with it when it comes time to write the dialogue.

In any case, if you are going to put Spider-Man on the team, I tend to think he should be used in The Chick role. He seems to represent traditionally female values in a team setting, and is a cooler, more interesting example of The Chick archetype than Jessica Jones could ever be despite his physical gender.