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In principle i'm against the idea.

Ive nothing against mutants being Avengers but this just strikes me as a another cynical, pointless idea by Marvel done in the hope that if they combine two successful ideas it will automatically make them more successful. It reminds me of the kinds of ideas kids have where because they like lions and they like robots and they like jet planes they draw a robot lion with wings because that would by definition be super-awesome!

I like all of the team members individually but how are Marvel going to explain their reasons for forming a team? Havok has only recently returned from a long space adventure as leader of the starjammers - something that made sense as he took over from his father. Hes currently on X-Factor - again something that makes sense in light of his long association with that team and its members. An avenger though? Whats his reason for wanting to be on the team and just as importantly why would someone like Cap who has almost no prior association with Havok be so keen to take him one.

Havoks powerful but certainly not as powerful as recent recruits like Storm, and he's no diplomat so I cant see him becoming some kind of mutant olive branch between the two teans after all the AvX nonsense is done with. There seems less reason to put Havok on the team than most other mutants other than the fact that it might be 'cool'. Certainly no logical story driven reasons that I can see.

I don't think these characters are so much becoming Avengers as this is a X-men/ Avengers split team. That is like saying that Cap is becoming an X-man. This is a joint team not one or the other.