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Subj: Re: Avengers Assemble #5...
Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 10:35:59 am EDT (Viewed 238 times)
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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 03:34:16 pm EDT (Viewed 49 times)

    No clear connection to mainstream MU still. This is very important to me still and thus very annoying still.

It's got every connection that other books have.

    No clear explanation given how Star-lord is apparently back from the dead. Giving them some leeway on this (and revealing if there is connection to Cosmo and Knowwhere still) but soon this will become similarly annoying.

I do agree that there should be an explanation, even if I'm not bother by the lack of one... yet.

    LOVE the translation f/x. Using the Badoon is another plus.

Agreed!! The Badoon are way too close to the Earth and way too aggressive to be used as little as they are. They should be the big bad more than Kree and Skrull... and especially Shi'ar.

    Yeah, yeah, "It's war." Still, don't want every member of GoG to be cold blooded killers to a defeated enemy. Quill and Rocket doing the same thing toying with the unnarmed Badoon was disturbing. Plus, three pages of the same gunpoint questioning went on for a bit.


    Noting that Thanos is Gamora's father is fine detail to his 'step'father status but for newer readers it probably should get clarified in this arc.

I hate expanding relations. Thanos works much better as her "step"-dad.

    While the GoG got some good characterization there is only 2/3 of the book left TO SHARE for The Avengers themselves.

No biggie.

    In-story update of Earth's official interplanetary status. It would be even better with more detail! Not just a passing comment about some ambiguous galactic council, nor any contact with SWORD yet. Work on that!


    Hulk saying, "'KAY" is out of character. Cap choosing him over Tasha was... troubling. First of all 'torture for info' is something Psycho Cyclops or QUill might do. If time wasn't a factor hopefully he knows Tasha was just as qualified at extreme interrogation. And since when would the Top Cop have to resort to that here?! Director or Steve Rogers doesn't have clearance or friends in high places for intel needed when the Earth is in imminent danger?! Wrong.

I don't see it as out of character for Hulk. Pretty much everybody says, "'Kay."

Intimidation is not torture and has always been used by every hero, including Cap.

    Inconsistent handling of Avengers aircraft inventory and functionality. (Although the one design here looked similar to the last on in Xmen Legacy, right?)

Seems like a normal Quinjet to me.

Nothing wrong in my eyes. I don't think its creation was anything casual. It's not really something that is extremely difficult to do.

Don't know why Thor is outside either.

City of Heroes is BACK!