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Subj: Re: Secret Avengers #29: Name those villains...
Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 at 07:27:36 pm EDT (Viewed 481 times)
Reply Subj: Secret Avengers #29: Name those villains...
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Secret Avengers #29

Awesome Art Adams artwork again on the cover. Of course, it means NOTHING.

Steele is the Shadow Council mole. Not a fan but he'd make an interesting SA candidate - if not for his past and the convoluted team membership prerequisites. The way he talks about Max Fury may make you wonder if Nick Fury is sub/consciously on board with his evil clone's... agenda -- no, that sounds impossible. But why would -debatably- the most dangerous superspy in the world not have his evil equal as #1 on his to do list? No Prize: Cap told him off-panel to butt out and Nick listened -- no, that sounds impossible.

HOLY CRAPOLY! If you had problems with The Hood gathering his Syndicate of Evil revolving prisondoor membership, of 20 or so, then you may have FIVE times that displeasure here. Sure, it's cool to see the line up BUT C'MON! Some of these guys MUST be NEW incarnations, if not a lot of 'em! HOW DARE SOME DAME ASSUME THE PRINCESS PYTHON PERSONA! And some of 'em must be DRUNK to associate with these others -- unless we are to believe the Shadow Council is THAT persuasive!

Okay, someone is going to have to name EVERY villain that appears in this issue [since the writer is not finding a way to]. Actually looks like a bunch of S.O.E. dropouts.

Switch to international location. Introduce Sorcerer Rasputin and Skychurch concept. Venom finally in SA decisive action. Nothing wrong with any of that. Except... WTH Marvel?! You continue with your attempts to make me hate Valkyrie with her terrible mishandling. Since her unsatisfying recruitment. Her totally illogical membership on this team. Right after her disappointing showcase maxi series. Instead of her usual wallflower presence, here during the battle she is in charge of computer keyboarding control?! Really?! No. We can only say 'improbable' since it is obviously not impossible. Even her reveal that the Shadow Council is 'making it's move' is... less than informative for the readers. Okay, her flirting moment with Flash was okay and at least, her Aragorn pulled his weight nicely.

Eric's situation is intriguing. So, he is still his human self it would seem but somehow he acts brainwashed or converted by the Descendants. Or maybe he is faking. Either way works. Liked how his conversation with Father and Jan-bot was... WAITAMINNIT! She's from the future?! Did we know that?!

Max leads HUNDREDS of Supervillains in Bagalia! [Maybe, maybe not the originals.] So, Max Fury (or his 'boss') is Baron Blood and Bagalia is Zandia. Let's see if they run better/longer with that sanctuary island concept than DC did - it was/is a good idea.

nb. Crown of Serpent, Crown of Thorns, now Crown of Wolves. Might have to check if the latter two are in that last MU Arcana Handbook somehow. Especially since with some members N/A for this mission Hawkeye is content to run with a skeleton crew in the name of Inter/national security. Yeah, right. Not. Appreciate his detailing the reason for them being N/A but is it that improbable that he can't call in a magic expert to help the team and readers know more about the Crowns?! Hey, Valkyrie, Reject of Asgardia, do YOU know anyone with an immortal memory of knowledge/experiences around magical existence?

Natasha Romanova, The Black Widow should edit her sig: http://i.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/2/10/4bad7d1edc8a4/detail.jpg to "Trained to be the ultimate Russian covert operative, she is -debatably- the most effective freelance babysitter on the planet! - that sounds impossible but it is only improbable

More crazy prison doors revolving with the Circus of Crime added but they are effectively evil with their newfound visciousness. BTW did Steele predate Rogers as 1st super-soldier before or after Bradley did? Not a fan but good showing for Steele with his prisoner escape from them. Too bad his retcon into the MU in SA ends up all for naught. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/166/3/1/secret_avengers_29___page_12_13_colors_by_matteoscalera-d53niui.jpg

Some dramatic character interaction with Clint/Flash.

And even MORE crazy prison doors revolving with inclusion of... well, it's like the OHOTMU threw up! Wow, that's a lot of villains to rationalize. Someone get that list of the MOE, STAT! Next issue has Venom [hulked out for unseemly unexplained reasons] fighting Taskmaster? Taskmaster?! Even the cover for #30 http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-AL5KWIYsA00/T7UQd6t_TvI/AAAAAAAAbxM/Ehk__OkZ3qA/s1600/secavn2010030cov.jpg has more familiar felon faces for fun. [Yep, that looks like Bi-Beast!]

Improbable as it may sound, thought the issue was okay. Your thoughts?

The group dealing with John Steele

Brothers Grimm
Princess Python
Pink Pearl
Black Talon
Max Fury
Killer Shrike
Lady Stilt-Man
Bruto the Strongman
Live Wire
Grumpy the Clown

Those at the bar

? guy with Ox and Coachwhip
Ox (China Force)
Tiger Shark
Madame Masque
Batroc the Leaper
2 from the bar i didn't recognize

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