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Subj: Re: Avengers Academy #34 keeps on giving...
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No one yet, eh? Okay then --
Avengers Academy #34

WOW --
This was the good story that never stopped giving. It was predominantly enjoyable charcterization will a short scuffle added as icing on the cake. While The Alchemist's devious plan has been done before in Marvel history that was actually acknowledged by him and he boasts that he will do it better - and he certainly makes an impressive first showing. Trying to seriously NOT SPOIL TOO much if you haven't read it yet...

Loved --
-a cool context cover image.
-everything that happens with Hazmat and Mettle that led up to their memorable moment.
-the inclusion of A.R.M.O.R. and it's newest, smart-choice, bikini-babe employee seen in previews.
-a variety of directions taken by cadets after the school closed each proved interesting.
-casting possibilities with Manphibian 5 and his mother they'd like to film.
-the Savage Land curious big panel faceoff with a surprise Mutate (where was this villain seen last and is this an APP tale too?)
-the frosting on said 'cake' mentioned http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6rhkkpbIK1qf65bro4_500.jpg
-both sides of the discussion inside the Briggs Foundation when the bulk of the story happens. Including generous amount of AA reunions, debate, dialogue, opinions swayed and firm, mad plan that has a reasonable SPIN to it, 3 mystery assistants revealed with the overdue return of 3 forgotten but fun teen supervillainesses out of Dark Reign, future looking bright for a change until the drama turns darker, Briggs personality as a giving master antagonist and how his plot is playing out
-ending with that exciting cliffhanger sitch.
-the heartwarming effort of Bullpenners involved with The Blue Ear.


EDIT: Click HERE if you REALLY want the said 'memorable moment' SPOILER.

I'm thinking that this will end with Alchemist realizing he's not as smart as he think he is based on several reasons.

(1) Jocasta said what he was doing was reckless. Probably meaning he's going to either hurt or kill people with this stuff if it's not properly recalibrated for each individual. If it was possible and one could get vaccinated, Iron Man would have done it already, instead of shooting it in darts for each person.

(2) The MofE members that he has with him are probably going to back stab him when the time comes to take over and hold the world hostage or something.