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Subj: Re: TOP 10 things for Hank Pym to do?
Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 10:22:05 pm CDT (Viewed 424 times)
Reply Subj: TOP 10 things for Hank Pym to do?
Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 09:12:42 pm CDT (Viewed 53 times)

    TOP 10 things for Hank Pym to do:


    1 Readdress the fact that he is or is not actively still searching for Jan in Underspace, even if only behind the scenes.
    Damned if he does damned if he doesn't.

    Remember he in many ways has many reason not to look for her as well (Disassembled all started because of Jan's affair with Clint). Every time things go well for them she puts Hank thru the ringer again, and again. But he is stuck in a plot element that he has no choice but to look for her.

    2 Explain why he wouldn't recreate the Magic Doorway System, if not the Infinite Mansion itself.
    3 Invite Bill Foster's nephew, out of respect for Bill, to leave Damage Control and/or Revengers to join Avengers Academy and/or just be a protege.
    He should.

    4 Look in on Ultron whom Avengers have forseen will cause big problems (since Point One issue and from the Kang/Ultron arc) in defiance of the marriage pact with Jocasta.
    5 Reexamine Pym Particle Science and present the hazards of its usage/copying/stealing by any Tom, Dick or Harry - reasserting more Giant-Man uniqueness that Marvel will move towards.

    Ala Iron Man's Iron Wars... Hank Pym's Particle War

    6 Clean up more messes, contradictions, and false pretenses that Citri Nol caused.
    7 Cure Firestar once and for all.
    That should have been resolved years ago, now Firestar always seems on the back burner.

    8 Get personally involved in dealing with The Descendants.
    9 Commit or do not commit to his on again off again with Tigra.

    Hell yeah... every nerdy kid would love to see Hank in the middle of a love triangle. If that he does commit then Wasp has to come back.
    I wonder how Wasp would handle a "sexier" Avenger after the man she always spurned over and over again.
    10 Clear up every lingering reader questions regarding the self-activated and returned Vision.

Isn't that a Tony issue?

    Yes, no, or what would you list?



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