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Subj: Re: Me too ...! completely agree
Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 at 10:56:32 pm CDT (Viewed 25 times)
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    Can we get an Avengers title that spotlights even one member of the title Avengers? Of course n... oh wait, Dr. Strange literally pops in and out so... there's that.

well after 3 issues of Kun Lun stuff, 2 with zero Avengers, this was a step up.

    Placing this meeting chronologically is confounding as usual

I'm assuming this is post issue 6 to mid 7.

    Reed Richards was no help. He makes no suggestion of Ultimate Nullifier, Cosmic Cube (real or homemade), Franklin and his sidekick Galactus, Uatu Consultations. Instead, he suggested NOT fixing the sitch or using the Infinity Gems 'cuz things were pretty good right now - save the AvsX bad blood. He is probably just peeved the FF were not invited to the party in the first place. ;\)

It's because this takes place before the P5 lose control. Personally I'm glad Marvel has a non-mutant acknowledge that for a brief time the X-men used the Phoenix to do good things. Honestly before the stuff in issue 9 I wondered if the descent to evil by the P's were because the Avengers "keep poking them with a stick"

Captain A will probably be remorseful at the end of all this because like you said the Avengers are poking them with a stick.

If the power was left between the 5 of them then maybe they can control it but as each person falls the control is lost.

From avengers 9 upwards obviously they have to go knock someone out but prior to that I was wondering what the avengers were fighting for.