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Subj: Captain Britain/ Jamie Braddock
Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 at 09:33:45 am EDT (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: Is Whirlwind Really Creepy? And I've Been Out Of The Loop, So Can Anyone Tell Me What Happened Too These Characters, And Who Became An Avenger?
Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 08:05:58 pm EDT (Viewed 419 times)

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Okay, so I missed a lot of new stuff, but Secret Avengers sounds interesting (Except for Captain Marvell. Did they really bring him back? Ugh! Why? You figure that him, they would have left alone.). So, can anyone tell me what's been happening since Remender took over the book? I know that Venom/Flash is on the team (I guess that it makes sense since Remender wrote his solo title. Surprisingly, it's still going on.), is Captain Britain? Also, Jamie Braddock returned? Awesome! I love him. What did he do? Did they water him down, or was he at his usual omnipotent power level? And did they mention Mad Jim Jaspers? Also, what villians have been in the book? I read that Lady Deathstrike made an appearance (Actually, I thought that she was killed.), have there been any other cool villians/guest stars? Bear with me here, as I've been out of the loop, and I want too get back into some of this stuff.

As for the Avengers: Do I have this straight? Are STORM and DAREDEVIL on the team(s)? Sounds strange if they are. How exactly did this come about? And is this going to impact the reboot? Meaning, will they be gone? Regarding some other members: Does anyone know the current status of: the Black Knight (Dane Whitman.), Sersi (One of my favorites.), and Photon/Captain Marvel?

Regarding Whirlwind; what's he been up too? Is he a sociopath/creep? The last time that I remember reading about him was in the Avengers Academy issue when he fought Giant Man after the death of the Wasp (She's still dead, correct?), and he seemed too have loved her. Whirlwind seems like one of those villians whose not really all that bad, but he did stalk Jan a few times didn't he? Can HE be considered Hank Pym's arch-nemesis? Thanks.

Jamie's status was dealt with by Rememder over in X-Factor.

Remender used Brian in Secret Avengers and X-Factor as an arrogant idiot. He seems to be there as a whipping boy to make other characters look good.

If you have any fondness at all for Captain Britain then avoid anything written by Remender.