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Subj: I'm... honestly very, very surprised you liked this issue...?
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Reply Subj: Re: All star REVIEW for Avengers Assemble #6...
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Avengers Assemble #6

This is a very fun and recommended issue to read. Yea. Finally. The st*rs? (Only) Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, The Guardians, and Thanos. More star moments...

*More page links to see and discuss at the IMMB too: http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=ironman-2012081100295537
*This MUST take place after AvsX and it was such wonderful line by Spidey to be surprised that Green Hulk was among the away team showing that his 'joining' is in fact not happened. Of course, this also implies a BUNCH OF STATUS QUO changes spoiled with the specific heroes standing next to him surviving that Event.

***Is Maria promoted? (Please be gone, Quake.)
***Where is Sharon?
***Still with the plainclothes and uncommitted status, Jessica Jones? C'mon!
***Where's that better Tron-style Armor, Rhodey?
***Is it laundry day, Captain Marvel?
***You still here, Spider-Woman? *sigh*
***Pick a logo and stick with it FF.
***Ororo gets custody of the Avengers after the divorce?
***Valkyrie?! Is that you? http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=thor-2012081101061270
***Mockingbird makes for a disgraceful uninformed Director of WCA for too many month now.
***That's okay, Dr. Strange, we don't expect much from you when it comes to Avengers business.
***The others seem unchanged. The absent Avengers, like Rulk and Ant-man, is notable.

*Recently it was revealed the Avengers have Temporal Protocols. Now, they got Cosmic Protocols. Good to know. Initiated because of AvsX maybe - no memo sent out yet?
*Thanos is quite the charming galactomaniac.
*Badoon world looks awesome - though thought it would be more primitive/swamplike.
*The Hulk's cabin fever means more if you read WWH. \:\) Where's a footnote when you need it.
*The line about 'trust' gives Widow her moment despite in only one scene.
*The GoG get better banter in their cockpit scene. Rocket Raccoon stole the show for the GoG.
*The splash page of the ships coming out of warp was unnecessarily gratuitous. Bah.
*Thor and Hulk get equal GOOD POWER SHOWINGS from this point on. Now, crashing the party was a welcome splash page moment. The art was brilliant ALL ISSUE and this space battling grand.
*IM's Trojan Horse ploy was excellent!
*They breach a hull in outerspace and are battling IN OUTERSPACE! They deserve to explosively decompress for attacking unprepared with protection. Nice planning, Cap. Not worried though, from "Transfigurations" IIRC they have 7 to 10 seconds for someone to pull off a Hail Mary to save the Earth's Mightiest Airbreathers.
*Next issue's cover http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/8914/avengersassemble7teaser.jpg is more evocative than that last page undefined danger.
*Hope next issue is as good as this one was.

Most people online seems to think AAS is far too simplistically written, to by the numbers.

That it almost feels like an all-agees book, apparently.
I think I can kind of see what they mean there... It assumes you know NOTHING about the MU, so it kind of takes its time to explain a whole bunch of stuff that most of us already know.

It can kind of get a bit tedious, and affects how brilliant the characters seem.

It seems like the old-schoolers, which I assume you are one of, are kind of half-on-half about it... some like the some-times old-school flair, some bloody hate it since it's still Bendis to a degree.

Most of the newer fans just hate it.

Me? I think it's ok.
Kind of one of Bendis weaker books, but still enjoyable I must say. But nothing special, very by-the-numbers. You can tell Bendis is just about done with the Avengers.

The same feeling I'm getting from Brubakers Cap about now, as well...

Here's to Marvel NOW! \=\)