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Subj: Re: Hmmm, That Sounds VERY Unlike Him.
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Battles too the death? The Taskmaster? So I guess that he's back too being a villian again? Sounds a bit ruthless too me, as I don't think that he's ever been portrayed that way before. Kind of a shame, as I thought that he was pretty cool on the AA team. And Constrictor? Sounds like he's back too being a bad guy again? Aaaaaahhhhh! Were the Wrecking Crew there as well? Crossbones? Purple Man? Bushwacker? Was this the super villian bar with no name? I'm kind of curious. Is the book still $2.99? Love me some super villians.

As for Whirlwind, was he ever a killer before that whole prostitute storyline? That sounds a bit sick.

Don't misunderstand the Whirlwind thing. He wasn't KILLING those women. He just derived a sick pleasure from dressing them up like Jan and using his powers to beat them into submission before sex. (Yeah, that's pretty screwed up.) But, yeah, Whirlwind's been a killer since the 1970s, at least in intent... he tried to assassinate Hank and Jan at home once, and then steal their fortune with will fraud. The man's just a real jerk. Murder isn't beyond him, except in the fact that he's not been very successful at it.

Yeah, Constrictor and Taskmaster seem villainous again. I'm pretty annoyed by it too, but Constrictor, at least, hasn't had a speaking line yet. Taskmaster, in fairness, wasn't there to fight to the death, but it seems to be the rule of the bar, a place called the Hole, which, near as I can tell, is making its first appearance here.

The following villains are in the issue:

Max Fury (leader)
Black Talon (Samuel Barone)
Brothers Grimm (Percy and Barton Grimes)
Clown II
Killer Shrike
Lady Stilt-Man (Still the stupidest code name in history.)
Pink Pearl
Princess Python II
Ringer (Keith Kraft)
Squid (Don Callahan)
Vengeance (Kowalski)
Whiplash (Anton Vanko)