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    That's what I'm talking about. We've only seen Xavier for days since Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar.

No, Xavier was the starring character of Legacy for 1-2 years, and returned to legacy when they tried to turn it into a team book after Age of X. And a number of guest star appearances in numerous x-books since Utopia was formed and a role in the Avengers last infinity gauntlet story. No idea how that equals "days"

    That's my point. Phoenix doesn't care about physical distances period. It can appear out of nowhere, wherever and whenever it wants. It doesn't even truly exist on the physical plane.

No, you don't care about physical distances. Traveling to Earth from Kree space is a physical journey, traveling from Earth to Kun Lun is not. Ability to do one quickly has NOTHING to do with ability to do other.

I thought they were saying that Cyclops couldn't access the dimension until he got the extra power from the Rasputins.