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Subj: Re: What was good about Avengers #29?
Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 at 11:55:35 am EDT (Viewed 374 times)
Reply Subj: What was good about Avengers #29?
Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 06:17:29 pm EDT (Viewed 116 times)

    Avengers 29

    Sorry to say, more bad.

    It was good to have that placement footnote. But y'know... it didn't really help the the chrono mishmash that's been going on. JUST finished reading this week's AvsX 10 so that is the last fresh story positioning in my mind and not what happened after AvsX 7. That squido site might actually help but y'know. can't be bothered to interrupt the storyflow to keep going online every few pages or afterthoughts. How long before or after the Illuminati meeting, how long before or after the Avengers were prisoners of Danger, etc. The art did not do anything to help. Those pants on Bobby, the tunic skirt on Angel, the completely black eyes on everyone. And accepting, at face value, the players act/ions was... taxing. Cases in point:

    Xavier: Prof. X is still a jerk, sorry. He is all for humanity winning but won't lift a finger to help. It's the end of the world but going against his exteneded family would be much worse to him? Bah. Go off and sulk. Is that why Cain always got the 4star Hotel treatment in the X-brig? ;\) However, he did get a good showing powerwise to be seen clearly superior to Rachel. Not to mention (help) take out a Phoenix Fiver!

This is the same guy who made the Xavier Protocols? The same guy who went against Jean when she was Phoenix?

    Clint: How many variations do we have to accept. What's wrong with his history the way it is in regards to women in his life. Did he put the moves on Moondragon and Emma in canon - or was that just retcon hogwash to make him a cat on the prowl. Sure, he's had serious, entertaining relations but he comes off too womanizing here joking with his new 'girlfriend'.

Hawkeye puts the moves on all the chicks. That is canon.

    Spider-Woman: Implanted Psychic Shielding? How many backissues had her mentally attacked? It makes sense that she has 'em but it feels like it's a precident that's been ignored. And on that note - Cap is looking for flippin' psi-defenses and she fails to mention this option? And Xavier probably knows her as well as anyone (from time caring for her) and he isn't even aware? She has to get off this team! At least she was able to rescue 2 kids that were milling about a bar in a public welcome spaceshipyard, that was the least she could do. Apparently she won't even be spoiling Xavier's memory manipulating at the end either - for no good reason.

Apparently, she developed this after all the manipulation of Hydra, Morgana le Fey, and Veranke.

    Thor+WarMachine+Beast+Quicksilver+GiantMan = Getting their butts kicked. Bad.

Not bad. Expected.

    Did you find this a good issue?

No. On top of that, it was redundant.

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