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Subj: Re: Doombot sex?
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      It really bugged me when Hawkeye went after Osborn. One, because the character has always been against killing, to a fault even. And two, because they completely ignored his history with Moonstone.

    And for abit there he seemed hellbent on hunting down every skrull on Earth and skinning them alive on sight.

    It's just not Hawkeye. Maybe he's a Doombot too.

    It was disturbing to me how Marvel heroes were shown ripping Skrulls to shreds during the invasion. Punching through skulls and whatnot. Sure, our home was being attacked, but that has happened a BUNCH of times in Marvel history. The only difference with this one is that it was dragged out forever and crossed over into all the titles.

    As far as there being an alien invasion that humanity had to stop, well, that's not all that usual by comics standards. It's just not.

    We've been shown quite a few Skrull characters over the years, with them being thinking feeling people, some of whom we like. Xavin. Lyja. Half of Hulkling. Jazinda. Even the Super-Skrull has been an okay guy here and there.

    So why was it okay to act like the Skrull race weren't people? I dearly loved the Initiative comic, but there was one panel where the Skrull Kill Crew throws a Skrull head on a grill to eat it.

    And Cage was complicit with Venom torturing and eating several, though admittedly, baby-Cage had been kidnapped.

      Further explanation does seem warranted (or main title collaboration). Do you or anyone have the page # (or panel scan) of the moment the 'Doombot sex reveal' was given in Crusade?

    If I'm doing this right, it should upload.

Huh-so Bendis was one of the five or six of us that saw Cherry 2000! \:\-\)