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Marrina was way out of control that issue. Namor was happy with and Marrina was changed into a giant sea serpent. Namor flips I will give you that but she was on rampage, and he did what he had to do. I don't blame Namor for what he did to her. There are many other things Namor is responsible for that he needs to answer to. Oh according to wiki Marrina never really died she was in some magical coma put there by Llan the Sorcer.

Please note that my initial post regarding the cultural stuff was in response to Spikyiceman's response to The Black Guardian...

Black Guardian stated: "Can you imagine if the Invisible Woman was turned into a rampaging monster by Norman Osborn, and Reed tore her head off and tossed it at Norman along with a witty rejoinder? Namor has a lot to answer for: killing his wife, attacking a sovereign nation, destroying that nation and killing hundreds, perhaps thousands. He is now officially unusable as a hero until this is dealt with."

So my response regarding cultural norms was NOT simply dealing with Marrina (who was a rampaging monster). I was also considering the fact that Namor attacked a sovereign nation, killing hundreds, perhaps thousands.

I did misunderstand Black Guardian's next comment thinking that it had to do with Namor being the rampaging monster and not referring to Marrina as was intended.

However, it should be noted that some cultures venerate certain animals. I could certainly conceive of some cultures that would view a monster such as Marrina being venerated (in terms of Marvel Universe cultures anyway). Those cultures would then look down on Namor and consider him guilty. So, my point remains... I don't think cultural norms can really be a viable basis upon which to make judgements on some issues.