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    Having said that I don't like this as a New Mutants fan. If the fallout from AvX is to be the destruction of the X-Men then the New Mutants should have become the new X-Men. These characters were always mutants first and the heir apparent to that title.

At one point, I would have definitely agreed, but I'm pretty much of the mind that Cyclops has so tarnished the name of X-Men that I don't see them trying to be the next X-Men.

Frankly, I've always had a problem with any characters being "mutants first." I think it breeds stagnation, and the X-Books are a ghetto. They are characters first, and there should be the freedom to take them anywhere.

I'm miffed that Kitty has seemingly remained stuck in this ghetto, considering she's the only character to strongly express a desire to escape it. Frankly, I'd rather see her on that cover than Spider-Woman.

    The current New Mutants book has gone a long way to portraying them as adults and not kids who need a mentor. So if Cyclops and Emma have blown it I think the New Mutants would rise to the challenge and rebuild the X-Men not become Avengers.

Well, it did (past tense), but they sure aren't acting very adult in the current run.

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