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    Having said that I don't like this as a New Mutants fan. If the fallout from AvX is to be the destruction of the X-Men then the New Mutants should have become the new X-Men. These characters were always mutants first and the heir apparent to that title.

At one point, I would have definitely agreed, but I'm pretty much of the mind that Cyclops has so tarnished the name of X-Men that I don't see them trying to be the next X-Men.

Frankly, I've always had a problem with any characters being "mutants first." I think it breeds stagnation, and the X-Books are a ghetto. They are characters first, and there should be the freedom to take them anywhere.

I'm miffed that Kitty has seemingly remained stuck in this ghetto, considering she's the only character to strongly express a desire to escape it. Frankly, I'd rather see her on that cover than Spider-Woman.

    The current New Mutants book has gone a long way to portraying them as adults and not kids who need a mentor. So if Cyclops and Emma have blown it I think the New Mutants would rise to the challenge and rebuild the X-Men not become Avengers.

Well, it did (past tense), but they sure aren't acting very adult in the current run.

You're right, the X-Men are supposed to stand for human/mutant integration, and "fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them", and over the past decade they've increasingly abandoned everything about that mission-statement, from the overt disdain for humanity that arose in the New-X-Men era, even from Xavier himself, to the modern era of lurching between fighting soley for their own survival against this week's massive existential threat, and being people that give the public every reason to hate and fear mutants. I have no idea how to stop the rot and set things right without a massive slash-and-burn approach to the books.

"Team Wolverine" walked away from this, but they're still hamstrung by the degree to which the writers seem far more interested in the school and yet another new generation of teens than in the actual X-Men (and as readers, when we've seen at Generation X and every subsequent group suffer so many deaths, why would we bother trying to care about the next class of cannon-fodder?).

As such, it would make sense for some of the X-Men to try to walk away from all of this, and yes, as The One Who Is Vocally Against Ghetto-isation, Kitty would make more sense than most (remember how the existence of a mutant ghetto was introduced as "This Is A Good Thing, This Is Progress", as if it were something to aspire to?), but Cannonball was an Avenger in 1995 classic "The Last Avengers Story", so I can't really complain too much about the idea, even if I'll never really be able to forgive and forget the Counter-X Terrorist Bomber X-Force team he led (Sunspot, on the other hand, I feel like no-one's known what to do with him beyond "Sam's BFF" since they backed out on his Reignfire heel-turn).

On the matter of the New Mutants being a "second generation" team, the trouble is that while, as teenagers, they're allowed to age and grow up, in a way the fully-grown characters aren't, this fools readers into thinking they'll actually ever grow to replace the adult generation. The Silver Age teens grew up enough to face the rest of forever in their mid-to-late 20s, and because later generations of teens like the New Mutants and New Warriors can obviously never get to be as old as Spider-Man/Iceman/Johnny Torch are at the same time, they get stuck in their early 20s at most. And since Cyclops and Storm are never going to really ever permanently retire or die, Cannonball and Moonstar are never going to step up and replace them, so they're either stuck headlining a B-team that's largely only there because of nostalgia, or they need to find something new to do (which maybe makes Wolfsbane the most successful New Mutants character, for walking away from the group and finding new roles elsewhere).

Still, all this said, I have two problems with the influx of X-Men peoples into the Avengers, be it just Rogue, Havok, Cannonball and Sunspot, or more to come, and firstly, it's that mixing up the two books is something that, unless done as a short-term experiment that fails miserably, would erode the "hated and feared" stuff that the X-books depend on. If the X-Men are liked by the Marvel public, and that's a fixed status quo for an ongoing period of time, something has gone badly wrong.

Secondly: Giant-Man. Quicksilver. Hercules. Black Panther. Vision. Black Knight. Mantis. Jocasta. Green She-Hulk. War Machine. Mockingbird. Quasar. Jim Hammond. Sersi. Stingray. Machine Man. Living Lightning. Spider-Woman 2/Arachne/whatever they've turned her into now. Crystal. Century. Moonraker. Cybermancer. Justice. Firestar. Lionheart. Luke Cage. Norman Osborn. Mac Gargan. Red Rulk. The Young Avengers and Avengers Academy kids.

What about them? We don't know if or where any of them will be in the Marvel Now books. Some of them haven't been seen or used in years. Some of them haven't been used well in years. The Avengers franchise has all those characters it could be using, and chances everyone here has at least someone on that list who you'd like to see in a regular role in a book again (and maybe you even feel the same about someone I deliberately omitted for Crapness, or just forgot all about), it doesn't need to be poaching X-Men characters, least of all ones who aren't Wolverine so won't really affect sales at all.

And one last thing, everyone referring to Bruce Banner's alter-ego as "Green Hulk", keep on doing that, you're awesome, we can make this A Thing Everyone Does.

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