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Subj: Re: Phoenix Force seems to mess with people's minds pretty hard...
Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 at 02:26:53 pm EDT (Viewed 207 times)
Reply Subj: Phoenix Force seems to mess with people's minds pretty hard...
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There seems to have been some variation in how much the hosts retain their own will, but once the PF starts to exert itself, it seems to take over. I think Emma definitely needs to be detained until they can look at the scenario, but my guess is in the end, she's not fully culpable, if at all.

As for Luke, I think it's a personal and understandable choice. I have often thought that people who take jobs where they risk their lives on a daily basis should think twice about procreating. I think that ultimately it's personal, but I do think it's one factor to take into consideration.

It's hard to determine how much the Phoenix Force influences its hosts. On the spectrum we've seen:

- "Jean" in X-Men #101 - 137 was not Jean, but the Phoenix itself inside a facsimile of Jean's body.
- Haven't read the issues, but I think the real Jean hosted the Phoenix in the 90's without going crazy.
- Rachel has hosted (at least some) of the Phoenix force without it corrupting her (and this despite growing up in a concentration camp, being forced to hunt down her own kind for extermination, and a myriad of other childhood abuses).
- And now the whole Phoenix Five has essentially gone from saintly saviors to power-hungry destroyers (and three became murderers).

How much can we blame the Phoenix here? There is no consistent showing.

"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices." – Albus Dumbledore