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Adjectiveless Avengers #30


Subjective flashback to the big battle in AvsX#11. No impression of consistency of who fought who.

\:\) SHIELD establishes low tech fake hobo security perimeters. (Possibly on top of high tech scanners.) Not that it is any good vs. Inner Demons.

\:\) Mister Negative taken out of mothballs.

No followup on Cloak & Dagger with him.

Unclear how Inner Demons (from his body, right?) work/manifest and use their glowy weaponry. Maybe it is clear to longtime fans of Mister Negative - but kinda think its not common knowledge and they probably won't be mentioned again. There's always Wiki 'cuz every reader probably owns a computer, right?

\:\) Continuity followup - Red Skull Exo-bots from F.I. taken out of mothballs. Curious origin details of the tech if it is next generation could be explored. Kinda far fetched how they got mothballed though - it's not like they're a single Ark boxed in a gianormous warehouse of nondescript crates.

Mister Negative clearly (and unnecessarily) had misinformation regarding SHIELD helping take down Red Skull, right? There was only Commander Rogers and the Top Cop Agency IIRC.

\:\) Two Avengers star in Avengers.

Useless Spider-Woman and Messed-up Hawkeye star.

Sometimes this signature kind of banter is good. Sometime decent. Sometimes just banter. This banter with Clint and Jess was none of that. To be fair it was intentionally annoying as SW says but this seemed to unfortunately go beyond blithering.

\:\) Good showing for the 2. They (SOMEHOW) manage to take out the whole horde. The action is plentiful but too non-descript. Jess noted the SHIELD agents were killed it would be nice for readers to be made clear the fate of the Inner Demons. (AFAIK, they don't actually die). Not sure how the glowy weapons work again or what kind of command decisions were involved with SA leader (and Moonlighting streethero) Hawkeye sending in only 2.

WHY would Hawkeye even ASK about her periods?!

Okay, was expecting a twist - that they were not specifically talking about Mock wanting him back... but WANDA??!! Wanda wants him?! Wanda who apparently/allegedly did NOT sleep with him, Wanda?! Not to mention the SPOILER how she survives AvsX when they make other efforts to cloud the ending.

\:\) Comparing the evil of Magneto to Mr. Drew. Ha! No contest but still decent character moments.

\:\) Authentic oriental script. Can anyone translate what he says?

Aaaand they're up again, just like bop bags, with the duo unprepared.

Off duty Avengers... eating again! Hmm: http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=mub-2012090210064061

The Big 3 appear.

Tony is presented as a goofus mcdorkus.

Unclimactic, uninspiring rematch victory by the Dating Duo.

\:\) Thor gets one cheeeesy punch in.

\:\) Madame Hydra as villainess in general.

Spider-Woman given so much leeway dealing with Viper. No continuity clarity with the Madame Hydra that is over in the Cap series is distracting. [Missed opp again for a footnote to the animated comic book series with their relationship dynamic not to mention skrull connection.]

\:\) Skrulls stranded(corpses?) on Earth from S.I. taken out of mothballs.

\:\) OOORRR emoticon for how the Avengers will handle Madame Hydra following the suprise setup at the cliffhanger depends what happens next.


>Thor gets one cheeeesy punch in.

That was funny!

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