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> > Okay, was expecting a twist - that they were not specifically talking about Mock wanting him back... but WANDA??!! Wanda wants him?! Wanda who apparently/allegedly did NOT sleep with him, Wanda?!

Mockingbird/Black Widow/Moonstone would all have made a lot more sense there. Even though it's almost-entirely taking place off-panel or in the background, AvX feels like it's getting us this close to a Scarlet Witch/Vision reunion for the first time in so long, and then they could derail it with this randomness? What are you doing, Bendis? I want answers, and I want them now, not in the morning!

> > Not to mention the SPOILER how she survives AvsX when they make other efforts to cloud the ending.

Well, given that we all know she'll be in Uncanny Avengers, that she survives isn't much of a spoiler. They're not even hyping up a Big Event Death in #12 like they did for #11, so if anyone DOES die, expect them to be someone of less importance.

>> That didn´t sound like Wanda...she is supposed to be feeling really down and thinking about Vision if any man...and telling these things to Spider Woman was not very nice...and Wanda is nice when being herself

Do we actually see what she's supposed to have said to Spider-Woman? Is it at all possible that Spider-Woman is misinterpreting something to do with the non-relationship-y issues between her and Hawkeye, like her killing him twice, or him almost dying while protecting her from a wild Phoenix attack? Or are Marvel doing the horrible retcon-relationship-that-no-one-ever-mentioned-before that was only any good the time when it involved Norman Osborn? Outside of that one time, those things should be illegal.

> AND BTW, where is Vision un all of these ???He is not even in the generic fight pict.IMO, Its getting really annoying

I know. He spent his "big return" getting repeatedly slapped around by The World's Greatest Superhero, and when we finally get some focus on him, we see that now he's Angry Loose-Cannon Vision, picking fights with people, and it's something awesome that I never even knew I wanted, yet then when AvX properly starts, he spends the first half of it sat in the background doing nothing, even though two different tie-in books both covered this "suicide mission", then when they get back to Earth, he gets to be the one guy complaining about Wanda rejoining the Avengers in a pivotal years-in-the-making moment that happened off-pabel between issues, then gets ripped in half by Havok and Polaris, repaired off-panel between issues, carries an unconscious Wanda around after saving her from falling to her death, then gets injured off-panel between issues, then shows up for all of 1 panel for the fight in #11. Between all of that stuff, it really is like there's some whole storyline going on that we're not seeing any of. And it's possibly just gotten dumped on for some dumb Hawkeye thing no-one in their right mind wants to see.

And there's still no news of Vision being anywhere in any of the "Marvel Now" books, which isn't a good sign, he may well be the one getting eaten by Dark Cyclops at the end of AvX.

Exactly what Ultron wants you to think!

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