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Avengers Academy #37

This conclusion was brilliant. The dialogue read clever and quick. The conflict resolution read believable and entertaining. The multi-character spotlight was spot-on and focussed. So much final confrontation fun. Strong and solid art efforts to top it off.

The cover looked so cool but a bit unfair for those who like context. Mettle was in fine form at this point and suffered no damage like that.

Briggs was a fantastic villain to the end. With intriguing use of his corporate and meta powers. His personality had a appreciated degree of difference to say Osborn or Doom. Curious, now, to see what comes of his company.

Lightspeed gained some respect from me. She looked more visually stimulating with the coloring done on her trail. Good for her, the only one to really save the whole Earth - they better give her a gift card or something. It was a bit frustrating with her pat "FAST ENOUGH" answer. The magnitude/quantitatives of her save was better imagined than actually presented in print.

Great direction with The Enchantress. The scar could be a neat plot seed. The only thing to make her fate sweeter might've been for Sylvie to have adopted a distinctive codename change in some way.

Madeline Berry was heroic. Nice to see a human could help. And brilliant move to call in for superrobitic assistance - props for catching me offguard with that one. Good to see at least her definitive change (for awhile at least) will be plainly obvious from this arc.

Jocasta was intriguing (if kept) in 'limbo' in some respects (for awhile at least) but bringing her immediately back is just as great. Especially with Vizh back and Ultron coming. Maybe she will offer some reader satisfaction with all the admirable efforts this title makes to keep a shared universe. Just like when Mettle noted the F.I. killings as still a traumatic point in the cadets' lives.

Mettle was awesome. "FEEL WHAT IT'S LIKE." Was a very close 2nd quotable line.

X-23 was a just there. Not so much her stomach - literally and tastefully not shown. But Finesse puts her to good use though as opposed Reptyl and White Tiger who brought the issue down a bit and fed my resolve that last issue was a bit of a hiccough issue compared to parts 1,2&4. AFAIK, Bands of Cyttorak are historically not that easy to break OTTOMH. Maybe magic cancels magic as plot device but IIRC Strange put away a lot of magicians with it. And their artifact entities proved inconsequential, absent even, with R and WT dull part in this arc.

Finesse!!! "SAY HELLO TO THE BAD GUY!" Quote of the issue - no contest! And with Finesse's reiteration maybe best quote of all the books this month! Finesse rocked. Her character decision was clearly the high point of the issue. She displayed another appreciated degree of difference, with her decision, to say Punisher or Elektra. So excited to see how this plays out and will try to withhold expectations to enjoy her fate more as it has been enjoyable so far.

And then the bonus news of a flag football game instead of the same old same, old baseball match?! Viva la difference!

Not only is AA the best Avengers title currently published, it is likely one of the finest books published by Marvel in years. Cage has continued to spin gold out of one tired, poorly wrought Marvel cross-over event after another. The students of the Academy, their situations, their conflicts and friendships ring with profound truths. Each issue has been loaded with things that give me pause, make me think, make me feel. Compare the deep and heartfelt characterization of the four issues of Final Exam to the childish and moronic Hawkeye/Spiderwoman team-up in the latest issue of Avengers, which had all the depth and subtelty of a Jersey Shore episode!...And which title gets cancelled???

If Cage were given control over half as many titles as Bendis, Marvel would likely be enjoying a new Golden Age....

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