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that was 2 month old news and we have LOTS of reveals since. LOTS of creative shakeups and heres a list of some of what has been announced.

Fantastic Four-classic roster and the kids go away for an adventure/vacation but Reed has a secret he's keeping from the others

FF-The Fantastic Four ask Ant-Man (Lang), She-Hulk (Walters), Medusa, and Miss Thing (someone Johnny brings home and finds Ben's old Thing suit) to take their place while they are gone on the adventure in their book. Scott Lang takes the team to Latveria eventually to take on Dr. Doom for his role in the death of his daughter Stature.

Avengers-All we know is MOST of the 18 man roster. Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Falcon, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Shang-Chi, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Manifold

New Avengers-No news yet, but rumor has it the team may be the smart guys of the MU. Theres a baby variant featuring Reed, T'Challa, Iron Man, and Black Bolt that is ASSUMED to be #1's variant. Pym will probably have a role if thats the case and THREE of these guys have Infinity Gems

Secret Avengers-WILL continue but creative team and roster not announced

Avengers Arena-Arcade tricks 16 young heroes to his island murderworld and makes them fight to the death! X-23, Darkhawk, Chase and Nicco from Runaways, and teh Avengers Academy's own Hazmat, Reptil, and Mettle are part of the cast...expect LOTS of deaths

Uncanny Avengers-Marvels new flagship book, Cap realizes the Avengers havn't done enough for teh mutant community and gets Havok to lead himself, Cap, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, and Wolverine against a returned mutant hating and murdering Red Skull. 2 or 3 more members will join after the first arc.

Dark Avengers-John Walker becomes US Agent once more (YAY!!) but leads the former Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers team. Only teh bad guys can save the universe! Keeps old T-Bolts numbering featuring US Agent, Moonstone, Ragnorak, Trickshot, and the fake Scarlet Witch and Spider-man (forget their names)

Avengers Assemble-movie team adding Ms. Marvel to the roster

Thunderbolts-Red Hulk puts together a team of like minded heroes(?) to take on threats that the diplomatic Avengers can't tackle. Featuring Red Hulk, Deadpool, Venom, Punisher, Elektra and a few more to join later.

Wolverine and the X-Men will continue as is essentially

All-New X-Men-features the original 5 X-Men who mysteriously get plucked from the past and don't like what they see. Iceman is the most normal. Beast is mutating again. Jean sees she is dead. Angel is now flighty after becoming a murder machine...and Scott ses he kills Prof X and becomes militant. This book focuses on various peoples reactions to them.

X-Men Legacy-follows Prof x's son Legion

Uncanny X-Force-Psylocke leads Storm, Puck, Spiral, and more to be revealed against reacurring villain Bishop

Cable and X-Force-on the run for a terrorist act they didn't commit, Cable, Domino, Forge, Colossus, and Dr. Nemesis try to clear their names.

Hulk-Hulk becomes and agent of SHIELD

Red She-Hlk-attempts to get rid of super humans

Spider-Man-cancelled with #700 but no announcements yet with what will take it's place

Nova-features the new Nova seen in the cartoon

Iron Man, Cap, and Thor get renumbered with new creative teams

It also looks like there will be a team book featuring Loki, Wiccan, and Miss America (prob others....Young Avengers?) and a book featuring the New Nick Fury and Agent Coulston from the movies

That's great stuff, thank you.

Rejoicing in my very own first computer without strings attached. Yay.

I think it will be a cool experiment to see if all of these characters from different teams (X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and other teams) can blend well on the same team. It's always about personalities and how well they can work together.

Do you think that Marvel will only do this with Hero teams or do you think they will try to do it with villain teams too?

That's 15 of the 18 man roster you mentioned. Any idea or hints or preferences as to who the other 3 will be?

Not sure about you, but I'm very fascinated by the prospect of the younger versions of the X-men team being plucked out of time and put into the present to see what they have become and then have to work with their future selves. Especially Jean Grey discovering she's dead and why that came to be. Do you think the writers plan to have the goodness or more purer intent of their original selves rub off in any way on their future selves with the hope of bringing the current versions back to more of a sense of what Xavier first envisioned?

Is Avengers Arena be set in an alternate time-line? I can't possibly expect that they will think that killing off so many characters in this way will be accepted cannon that we just have to live with going forward. Do you think there's some kind of resurrection or plan to bring them back from the dead once a final winner has been declared? there's too many characters fans like to just plain kill off without ticking off fans too much.

I think I like the idea of Cap realizing he's not done enough to champion mutant rights, he's the perfect guy to bring this cause more justifiable solutions the right way.

Wouldn't you think that Thor would still be ticked off that Dark Avengers team would still have Ragnarok hanging around? Thor killed him because he felt Ragnarok having his DNA was an affront. I wonder why Thor isn't coming back to blast him out of existence.

Sounds like Red Hulk's team is full of a bunch of anti-heros who have a proven history of bouncing between good and evil, as long as the ends justify the means types. It's an interesting group, but surely they will come into conflict with the more good and proper inclined teams out there who will expect a hero team to play the proper hero roles and not dip back and forth into hero and questionability over and over again.

Cable & X-force on the run. Seems like they are always on the run from the good guys. It's like they were tailor made to be hero's who are misunderstood and always having to go to great lengths to prove they are innocent of something. Recurring theme?

Red She Hulk, do you think she's going to turn into a RSH versus the Marvel universe? I thought her mind was successfully cleansed of that taint. What happened to make her go back to that kind of thinking again?

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