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Subj: With regards to Scott, it's all about accountability
Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 02:55:21 pm EDT (Viewed 373 times)
Reply Subj: Really annoyed by Scott's treatment
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My complaint is not with the ficitonal characters, rather it is with the inconsistency that they are being written.

Scott, along with the other X-men who were hosts for the Phoenix, are being treated like total villians. This is completely unfair because it has been shown over and over again that people who are hosts of the Phoenix are not in control of their actions. Scott even begged to be killed is a brief moment of having control. Also, it wasn't Scott's desire to become a host for the Phoenix. That only happened because of the Avengers intervention. Until he was possessed he believed it was intened for Hope (which the Avenegers fought only to eventually agree with and prove Scott right in the first place.)

My other complaint is that numerous heroes have committed great crimes and suffered little to no punishment (some were not in control as was the case for Scott and some were)

1. Scarlet Witch: Killed the Vision, Killed Hawkeye, Killed Scott Lang, Killed Jack of Hearts, drove She-Hulk insane, stripped Millions of mutants of their powers which directly resulted in numerous deaths.....She is now an Avenger suffering no jail time.

2. Hulk: Nearly destroyed New York to get back at the Illuminati heroes who betrayed him. In his own book he recently went insane and was responsible for many deaths.....he is now an Avenger(He was imprisioned for a little bit)

3. Red Hulk: Of his own free will he murdered the Abombination and attacked every Aveger he could....he is now an Avenger (He was imprisioned for a little bit)

4. Wolverine: while under under the control of others has slaughters untold numbers of innocents....He is now an Avenger (No jail time)

5. Wonderman: Attacked the Avengers in thier homes, beat them senseless and is now being offered a friendly hand of help (which I think should be extened to Scott as well).

6. Venom (The Symbiote not Flash): has murdered and maimed numerous individuals....He's an Avenger (granted he's being controlled by Flash and the government).

7. Iron-Man: murdered Yellow Jacket II and the Nanny for Quick Silver's daughter. Both characters are still dead and Iron-Man never served a day in jail and he's an Avenger.

8. Winter Soilder: While under Soviet control, murdered numerous individuals including Nomad. He did some jail time in Russia, but otherwise he was welcomed into the Avengers and even made Captain America.

I'm sure the list is much longer in Avengers and X-Men who have committed crimes as bad or worse than Cyclops (While being controlled as he was or otherwise). They were all treated better than he has been.

Someone needs to be the fall-guy. The gov't, the people, everyone is now screaming in the after-math for someone to take responsibility. The Gov't and the innocent people won't stand for anything less. They either need someone to take the fall (become the fall-guy) or assume full responsibility for it all happening. Cosmic entity possessed us all to do those evil deeds won't cut it. It rarely does. Sure, the hero's and villains who united to put and end to it all understand, but those outside those groups won't.

Scott knows this and that's why he's allowing himself to be martyred for the cause. It's why he didn't even resist arrest once it was all over with. He's taking one on the chin for all mutant-kind and saying to everyone, "It's my fault, put all the blame on me." So that all the suspicion and blame don't fall on other Mutants unnecessarily.

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