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Subj: Re: With regards to Scott, it's all about accountability
Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 11:30:17 pm EDT (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: With regards to Scott, it's all about accountability
Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 02:55:21 pm EDT (Viewed 374 times)

    Someone needs to be the fall-guy. The gov't, the people, everyone is now screaming in the after-math for someone to take responsibility. The Gov't and the innocent people won't stand for anything less. They either need someone to take the fall (become the fall-guy) or assume full responsibility for it all happening. Cosmic entity possessed us all to do those evil deeds won't cut it. It rarely does. Sure, the hero's and villains who united to put and end to it all understand, but those outside those groups won't.

    Scott knows this and that's why he's allowing himself to be martyred for the cause. It's why he didn't even resist arrest once it was all over with. He's taking one on the chin for all mutant-kind and saying to everyone, "It's my fault, put all the blame on me." So that all the suspicion and blame don't fall on other Mutants unnecessarily.

First of all, I love your response. I had not looked at Scott's surrender in this point of view. However, your statement that the guys in the fight all understand doesn't hold up. Because they are the ones placing blame and not trying at all to help Scott at this time, they aren't even offering him therapy or a friendly ear. They are just saying, "you killed Xavier."

As for someone needing to be the fall guy...I repeat my previous list of characters. And add Dare Devil for all the crimes he committed during Shadow Lands (didn't read it, just heard bits and pieces).